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Zinc and selenium as an anti-cold trace scientifically proven a barrier against cold pathogens, making the immune system winterized alleviate and shorten cold symptoms. So now is paying particular attention to an optimal supply of the essential trace elements selenium and zinc, yesterday recommended the experts of the vital substance Academy in Cologne. At least two to three times per year they get us, the cold viruses. Especially now in the cold, wet winter threatens to coughs, colds and hoarseness. Inside it is warm, cold outside and asks the immune system. U.S. researchers found it and published it in the New England Journal of Medicine that regular intake of zinc, the cold symptoms significantly reduced. Study participants, which they gave no zinc were peeved typical eight days “, while the zinc study participants’ sigh of relief after about four days later could. By Zinkeinnahme halved so the cold period. The trace element inhibitsCold viruses and they can not penetrate into the organism. In addition, zinc activates certain immune cells destroy the invading pathogens. The experts of the vital substance Academy recommend 15 milligrams of zinc a day to take in order to guard the body against cold viruses. By moving away from the beef and the consumption of whole grain products, the zinc intake in Germany goes back even further. Grain products inhibit Zinkbioverf├╝gbarkeit. Especially good is it if zinc is taken in combination with the protein component histidine. Hence zinc from beef is especially good bioavailable. Caused by the last Ice Age, the agricultural land not only iodine but also selenarm. Therefore, the crops, the grain and, consequently, animal products in Germany are ill-suited to meet the needs selenium. Nutritionists describe the principle, as suboptimal selenium intake and a cold resistance, it is simply insufficient for colds increase the selenium requirement. Germany isa classic selenium deficiency area. Therefore, the researchers recommend that the Academy of vital substances to effectively strengthen the immune system and prevention of selenium deficiency, the daily intake from 50 to 100 micrograms of selenium. The essential trace mineral regulates the finely tuned interplay between the immune cells of our body and builds up the immune system. Selenium and zinc alone can not always prevent a cold, but a good Zinkstatus in blood selenium and optimally supports the immune system. Outdoor exercise, sauna sessions and a balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and probiotics to make the body strong in the fight against the virus. For more information about Vital substances under On this new website provides information about vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and other nutrients. Also discussed here a nutritionist and other recognized experts free to the appropriate use of vital nutrients in the prevention and treatment of diseases. Graphics for naming sourceattribution The vital element Academy is an information portal for the public, professionals and the media. In addition, the vital substances Academy awarded top young athletes and nutritional and financial support. Vital substance Academy, c / o: Qualimedic.

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