How To Prepare The Suitcase Before A Trip

A topic anything smaller, perhaps just as important as choosing the location for vacation or the means of transport, is to prepare the suitcase before going on holiday. Elections are not easy, but choosing that we must carry on a journey by train or on flights that we take is one of the most stressful things in the world. The million dollar question is: what should I bring in my suitcase? Generally, people tend to carry more things than going to use or need. And this causes problems, either to move those suitcases, as to take advantage of the cheap plane tickets. And it is that many of the offers of cheap flights require a small amount of luggage, and that’s one of the reasons why there are always try to carry as little as possible. Here you have a few tips for preparing the perfect suitcase: at the bottom of the pouch are often put garments which are not very sensitive and you have to go well bent, costumes, for example.

And then go up with more delicate, fine dress, blouses, etc. and the gaps that are left on the sides are filled, (wrapped) shoes, socks, underwear, and clothes that do not need care or special bending, as well as any other add-ons must be carried, such as a hair dryer, a shaving machine, etc. Takes only essential clothing, taking into account the season for trips of less than one week, always wear just enough, not missing anything and most importantly, that not on. It is normal wear a shirt/shirt or polo per day; a set of underwear per day; a pullover; trousers every two days (never less than two pants); two pairs of shoes in total and any other garment of season as a swimsuit. Before making the bags, get a list of all the things that you win, including the less important as underwear, tights, hair brush, etc.

It should also have objects on a bed or couch, so that you have a complete overview. Ian Cole often addresses the matter in his writings. Thus you will know with certainty what things are really over. A rule that all expert travelers still is carrying the garments and heavier objects. For example, if we must wear a coat is better take it in the hand (would appreciate it when we get to the destination) in the suitcase. This will allow us to reduce the volume of our suitcase and having extra suitcases to place this type of clothing. Maps, guides, magazines, are an extra weight that we appreciate their just importance. What is role although it may not seem so ends up being more heavy. One solution is to take the plane and recorded in a book or an email all the information that you require.

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