In Rubber Boots By Venice

The lagoon city in winter who today thinks of Venice, must think automatically of the impending expiration of the lagoon city. Its future seems uncertain and yet the morbid charm of the city of gondolas and masks draws every year about 20 million tourists from all over the world under its spell. Photographers, writers and artists always take up the unique atmosphere of Venice and spread in particular by the unique light during the winter months. The online portal informs tourists about the unique atmosphere of the city in the winter. City breaks to Venice worth especially in the winter. Because during the winter months, the crowds have left the lagoon and tourists can then move quite freely on the side of the Venetians through the streets. The winter Venice is also referred to as the true Venice and is much quieter.

No tourist menus, but authentic cuisine of the region are then on the map of restaurants and bars. The unique flair is supported between November and March, often over the still through the fog, Channels and hangs between the bridges and sometimes throughout the day not the Sun distributed can. In addition, the Downdraft Announces Winter Bora in the lagoon city is and squeezes the water in the canals. About five to eight times, there can then be floods. This is nothing special for the Venetians, and so they are wading in rubber boots on the courts. Also wood planks will be distributed to central points and lead the citizens and tourists through the flood. For visitors a truly unique experience.

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