Interest Capitalization

Skeleton – the very essence of the deposit. Namely, the ability to save and increase their funds with the bank. But the contribution of each different property. Depending on these properties, different financial results. Properties are determined by customer needs. Properties of deposits are as follows: Interest ability to replenish the deposit within the period Capitalization percent (the order and cyclicity) Insurance Deposit Term Deposit Currency Deposit Partial demand deposit without loss of interest rate is higher the interest rate, the better.

Its size depends on a finite amount of money earned by you. But this is not a key indicator of profitability contribution. Opportunity to replenish the deposit within the time limit for me personally, this is an important indicator, as I try to set aside a monthly 10-20% of their income. And if the deposit allows you to recharge, then I try to use it, since interest is accrued on the deposit amount. At the same time, some banks do not allow to replenish their funds, especially the contributions with the highest interest rate. Capitalization of interest is one of the key indicators for deciding to choose their own contribution to the bank.

Capitalization – is when to your originally-deposited amount of money added earned interest. What often happens capitalization, the higher will be the final amount of the deposit, as the percentage ranked as the total amount. There are the following capitalization: monthly, quarterly, and capitalization end of the period. Although there are sufficiently unique terms of capitalization. For example, one of my contributions, provides capitalization twice a month.

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