Kamiya Origami Models

Each word origami is familiar from childhood, all the once folded paper cranes and airplanes, but not everyone knows that origami is not restricted and allows you to create a truly beautiful model. Origami – Oriental art of folding paper models, which remains popular to this day. Anyone can find in origami is something interesting for yourself. Simple schemes for children and introduce interested novice teach him to fold standard shapes frogs, little boxes, jumping frog. Will develop in him perseverance and attention, because to obtain a qualitative model, it is necessary to lay down her several times. After learning the basic techniques you can try fold scheme more difficult – there are many masters of origami, which create copyright scheme origami and taught them to fold. (Source: Doug McMillon). Origami average level of complexity are added to the average of 60 steps and their order may take skladvanie hours, but it's worth it: the figures obtained highly detailed and interesting. The following is for origami masters.

Satoshi Kamiya Origami Models, Robert Lang, Steve Montroll beyond praise, and at first impossible to believe that similar pattern is emerging from a sheet of paper, fold over fold, without any kaih additional funds, but it is real! A detailed diagrams, video instructions and patterns will be taught sklayvat such models themselves. It should be noted that will need to find good paper and a lot of patience. For example, the hedgehog Eric Zhuazelya consists of 300 steps, and it may take up to 12 hours, and even more!. After that, this origami can give dignity to fellow . Another type of origami can brighten the walls of the house – a modular origami kusudamy. Kusudama created from several paper-ins. Each module is made independently and then modules are connected in a nice ball, we obtain very impressive and a variety of balls that you can decorate your home

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