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New collections few are those that have so much variety and different styles such as Pronovias dresses Pronovias within the extensive catalog of companies engaged in the field of wedding dresses. In this article we will talk about the different options offered by the company for dresses. Collection Style: These dresses are characterized by Mark well the woman’s body, made many times in lace or combined with tulle. Word of honor, transparencies and often skirts used necklines. Couture collection: this is the collection more exclusive and elegant of Pronovias.

It has quality details and be tougher much silk, tulle, satin of is among others. It is special for demanding brides who want the best. Ball Gowns collection: Dresses are good. Volumes with type bodies there corset and skirts of great flight. We also have presence of the strapless necklines.

Fashion collection: Is insipran in dresses Greko-R-Romans. You can see the asymmetric, draped necklines and the working of precious stones. In terms of fabrics: Gassa, tulle or Chiffon. City collection: these dresses are destined mainly for civil weddings or at the beach, having a somewhat simpler than others the company dresses design. Of course that they are of great quality, but they are very useful for those who for example want to have an option to change. Collection Glamour: Use cascades of ruffles, pleats and draping. They use fabrics such as the organza, tulle, lace or Heron deriving models very vitosos. These are some collections pronovias launched in 2011. I hope that you find them attractive.

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