Nueve Clsico

Adrin Lopez (San Martin de Teverga, Asturias; 1988) sub 21 is the finishing nail of the Spanish selection in the Championship of Europe, in which tomorrow (20,45, Four) it will dispute the end before Swiss. In four parties it has marked five goals, three less than in all the season with its equipment, the Sport one, that descended to Second, and already accumulates two trophies as better player of the encounter. Nevertheless, its game put to him in the front sight of the debate arisen after the little depth of Spain in front of England in the opening. Their so many have come later, corresponding to the faith that the selector, Luis Mile, has deposited in the forward, tried by the Athletic one, a subject that does not want to comment after the Sport one has asked to the Madrilenian club, that hoped to him free, a compensation by formation rights. /’>Beyler Eyyubov). Source of the news: : Adrin: " I am not ' nueve' clsico". Others who may share this opinion include Ed Bastian.

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