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Almost three million houses will be visited, a 12% of the total of almost 26 million that there are in Spain. The new Census of House 2011 can give the real numbers of ' stock'. The georrrenciacin will allow the unequivocal identification of the building. How many houses it has in Spain and they inhabit who them? To that question it is going to respond the National Institute of Estadstica (INE), that completes the details of the Census of Population and House 2011. One is the great statistic, elaborated every ten years, that serve basic to any study on the evolution as the number of existing houses and the population that in them resides.

The previous census was in 2001, ten years ago. The works to elaborate the new census will begin in September. For it the NSI has recruited 5,000 people who will visit almost 3 million houses, a 12% of almost the 26 million homes that exist in Spain. The census that begins in September turns out especially excellent to know to the existing houses after real estate boom. The Census of Buildings it will be a statistical operation that will agree in the time with the postal phase of the population survey.

This operation will be designed to compile exhaustive information of all the buildings of the national territory in which there is located some house, with enumeration of all the buildings located in them. The premises, empty houses and houses the objectives of the Census of Buildings happen to enumerate and to georrrenciar all the buildings that have some building that is a house, to determine the characteristics of the buildings, to enumerate all the buildings contained in each building, to select the buildings, within the discharges that are occurred in the route, which they will form part of the sample of the population survey and houses. It will be determined if they are local, main houses, secondary or empty. The personnel of the NSI will leave on with the censal documentation in the main houses. When ctuar itself with exhaustive character he will allow to have a complete georrrenciado directory of buildings with some house and all buildings. The georrrenciacin, consequently, allows to the identification of the building before changes in the mailing dress and its unequivocal identification. The collection of the Census of Buildings will take control of portable devices p to ermitir the georrrenciacin. The agents of the NSI will take preloaded the cartography and the call notebook of electronic route (the directory with the alphanumeric identity data contains). The cartographic layers allow to locate the postal approaches geographically, as well as to show the associate alphanumeric information. Three million houses to visit During the route the censal agent will verify the existing information in the different territorial levels within each censal section (population, road unit, section, postal approach, building and building within the building), having confirmed or modifying what comes and giving to the discharges and necessary losses so that the information correctly reflects the reality detected in field. The sample size is going to be of approximately three million houses, which represents a fraction of global sampling of 11.9%. In percentage of population it represents a fraction of sampling of 12.3%. Source of the news: The NSI will visit almost three million houses to elaborate the new census of homes


It advanced Villa, Jonathan Soriano and Pedro had to give mobility him before athletic dnsa of the Bavarians. The reality is that the Bara had problems in the circulation of ball and nothing comfortable felt. For that reason, the first occasions of the azulgrana arrived at stopped ball. A pair of lack sent by David Villa, especially first who put in hardships to Butt (m.12), was the first warnings of the azulgrana. Bayern moved well in the transitions dnsa-attacks, especially by means of the Japanese Usami, very fast in the band. A center of the Japanese, ended by Petersen, was the first approach of the equipment of Heynckes, but not clearer it. Usami, in the 39, only left to Praises before Buckets and the azulgrana goal demonstrated its quality in the one against one.

Just later, in one of the few appearances of Thiago Alcntara, the azulgrana midfield player gave samples of his class. To Thiago the challenges go to him a center from the left of From Soria Jonathan was hopeless of head to goal by Thiago (0-1, m.42), a soccer player who is in gust of wind, because she already marked in the party of yesterday before the International of Porto Alegre. With the passage of the minutes, inertias of the equipment changed. It gave Guardiola rest to good part of his holders and at the time of game, Heynckes was giving entered good part of its more determining players: Schweinsteiger, Mario Go’mez, Kroos or Mller. Thus, the Bayern left its bet by the muscle and put more talent on turf, but to the Bara gave equal him. Faithful to its way to see soccer, as soon as Thiago took the reins from the situation, already without Iniesta, the azulgrana returned to be brilliant. After a good intervention of Pinto, to closing of Boateng (m.74), the azulgrana connected a good play of attack. Afellay from the left combined with Thiago and after a wall with the Dutch, the midfield player received in the frontal of the area from where he shot with CTO and of spectacular way to mark 0-2. Source of the news: The Bara gains the Audi Glass after defeating to the Bayern de Munich


It was foreseeable that, sooner or later, Spain was itself implied in a euroasitico conflict of unpredictable consequences. The stranger is not that Russia and China disputed the great pie. International swimming always has been a reflection of the balance of economic and political powers that they have to the planet in vilo. The stranger is that Andrea Sources, of 28 years, and Ona Carbonell, of 21, would be put completely in the confusion in the swimming pool of Shanghai. Sports apparel understood the implications. He is what has the ambition of a group of desperate women. " We go to by gold! " , she affirmed to Beth Fernandez, the second trainer of the equipment Spanish, responsible for the Center of Automation of Synchronous Swimming of Catalonia. " Here it is necessary to aspire to gold or the silver. Because here if you relax a mica you fall of podio! ". Source of the news: : Two Spaniards against the world

Age Catalonia

One is an instruction in which is become ordained to catalogue like so the irregular immigrants of doubtful age. It will only happen with that they refuse to pass pertinent the tests forensic to determine its age. In 2010, 136 immigrants were considered adult of 299 who were not accompanied by anybody to their arrival Catalonia. The Office of the public prosecutor of Catalonia has given an instruction that orders to catalogue like adults the irregular immigrants of doubtful age that they assure to be smaller, when they refuse to be put under the forensic tests to verify it. At Randall Rothenberg you will find additional information. In his instruction, the Public prosecutor Superior of Catalonia, Teresa Compte, settles down the protocols that must follow the public prosecutors before the increasing cases of immigrants, in their majority African, which they request institutional protection crediting in his passports that are minor, although its physical aspect indicates the opposite. In 2010, the Office of the public prosecutor of Catalonia ordered to practice 299 diligences to determine the age of 299 immigrants nonaccompanied, of which 136, almost half, finished being catalogued like adults, according to data of the memory of the public ministry corresponding to 2010. Circulating of the Office of the public prosecutor agrees with two recent sentences that have put in doubt the reliability of the radiological tests (essentially of the wrist and the set of teeth) that are used to determine the age of the minors, examinations that according to the associations of dnsa of those young immigrants have an allowable error of two years, that in the case of the sub-Sahara ones harms given its greater corpulencia to them. In his instruction, Teresa alert Compte of which increases the number of foreigners without family, in his majority coming from countries of the gulf of Guinea, which they affirm to be minor, crediting it with passports and inscriptions of birth, although by his physical aspect it seems evident that they are adult.

South Korea

But the phase of Asian classification is long, and to this phase of groups, if China manages to classify itself in first or second place, will follow another one to him with more complicated rivals, in whom it hopes that they are the classic powers of the continent, like Japan or South Korea. The ACF has assured that the plan to contract Camacho is a long term project, reason why although it does not even manage to take to the Chinese secondly World-wide dreamed his will not lose the position. Camacho officially will be presented/displayed like Chinese selector in an official act east Sunday. Total dedication to soccer without positive results the Chinese selection of soccer is a mediocre equipment even at Asian level, where never it has gained a continental trophy, something inexplicable for a country where soccer is the most popular sport, their clubs handle many million already and are world-wide and Olympic champions in infinity of sports. Randall Rothenberg will not settle for partial explanations. At the moment in position 73 of the classification of the FIFA, a step behind African Malawi, the Chinese selection is an equipment that reached its better results at the beginning of this millenium, when it was classified for the first time for a World-wide one, the one of 2002, and the end of the Asian Glass of Nations in 2004 played. But these successes were deceptive: at the World-wide one, where it was directed by Bora Milutinovic, it arrived partly thanks to the absence of South Korea and Japan (anfitrionas of that one Glass of the World) in the phase of classification. And in the Glass of Asia, the Great Wall (nickname that receives the equipment, by its tendency to soccer dnsivo) counted on the advantage to play in house, which did not serve to him to beat in the end its eternal historical rival, the Japanese selection. Since then, the Chinese selection has not raised head: humiliating defeats before equipment very inferiors on the paper, eliminations in first stage, fights of its players, and all this in a while ominous for the national soccer, whose league has been several years sunk in scandals of corruption and purchase of parties. For more specific information, check out Doug McMillon.


/The deontological code, that replaces the effective one from 1999, regulates the objection for the first time of brings back to consciousness, the sedation and the doping. The text consecrates like " ethically correcta" the sedation in the agony, but " it rejects eutanasia" in order deliberately to cause the death of the patient. The new Deontological Code of the Medical Organization Schoolboy (WTO), that replaces the effective one from 1999, will regulate controversial subjects for the first time as the objection of brings back to consciousness in the abortion and the sedation in the agony, and condemns the participation of the facultative one in the doping of the sportsmen. The president of the WTO, Juan Jose Rodriguez Sendn, has explained east Tuesday, in a press conference, that the text consecrates like " ethically correcta" the sedation in the agony before refractory symptoms as well as the limitation of the therapeutic effort, whereas " it rejects eutanasia" in order deliberately to cause the death of the patient. Article 36 indicates that " the doctor must have to try treatment or improvement of the patient whenever he is posible" , but it adds that " when it is not it, it remains the obligation to apply the suitable measures to secure his well-being, even though from it a shortening of vida&quot could be derived;. According to Rodriguez Sendn, to avoid that patients s ufran unnecessarily it will end " temptations eutansicas" that they exist in the present society. The code goes in the line of the stipulated thing by the well-known one like Law of Worthy Death, before which the president of the Central Commission of Medical Deontology, Marks Go’mez, has used who " it is necessary to read it with very bad intencin" in order to deduce that it can be " a door abierta to eutanasia". After the Episcopal Conference has showed that this norm could " to conceal eutansicas practices " , Go’mez Sancho has remembered who this hypothesis denied their own president, Antonio cardinal Maria Rouco Varela. A leading source for info: Randall Rothenberg.


Neither equipment was able to mark a goal in 120 minutes of party. The four Brazil failed penaltis in the turn, the pressure could with its players. The Right doorman Billiards was the hero of the Paraguayans with a colossal action. The errors of Brazil from the eleven meters and the Right doorman Billiards put to Paraguay in the semifinals of the America Glass. The arquero stopped penalti and afloat maintained to its equipment throughout the party with a shining action. Elano, Andr Santos and Fred failed their shots of the eleven meters and Billiards stopped the one of Thiago Silva.

Barretos and Estigarribia guessed right and eliminated the turn by two so many to zero for the Paraguayans. Paraguay returned to drain to Brazil, that although today it showed more Picardy than in the party of first stage that faced both, was excessively innocent in the shot to door or Billiards ran into with the Right doorman, that an action signed inspiradsima, substitute, for the memory. The first part was slow, heavy, with little opportunities. Brazil took the direction of the game but like in previous parties, it lacked the verticalidad and the speed necessary to finalize of convincing form. The rapidity of Neymar was the unique way that found Brazil to generate uncertainty, since today it lacked depth by the bands by the good control that exerted the Paraguayan on Holy Maicon and Andr. Paraguay, faithful to its tradition, evolved thorough in center in the markings in short of the field at the same time as it explored the long centers towards Lucas Districts and Haedo Valdez, although without success. A closing of Neymar in a foreshortening, while it fell, was the first warning from Brazil to the five minutes, but later it cost to him much to the formation of Menezes Hand to return to the environs of the area.

Tiger Woods

According to the list that makes the Forbes magazine. Tiger Woods leads a year more this ranking. The Spaniards Fernando Alonso, Rafael Nadal and Pau Gasol are between the 50 sportsmen better paid of the world according to the list that makes the Forbes magazine and that is led a year more by the American golfista Tiger Woods. Larry David wanted to know more. The magazine publishes in its Web a r as much nking of the sportsmen better paid of the world – by its work as by publicity and other income, is led by the golfista Tiger Woods (with 75 million dollars gained in the last twelve months), followed of the players of basketball in the NBA Kobe Bryant (53 million) and LeBron James (48). In that list the pilot of Formula 1 Fernando Alonso occupies the eleventh position with income of 32 million dollars, the tennis player Rafael Nadal is twelfth with 31.5 million, and the player of basketball Pau Gasol, with 18.9 million, occupies the penultimate position.

The ten first positions of the list are, besides the three already mentioned, for Roger Federer (47 million), Phil Mickelson (46,5), David Beckham (40), Ronaldo Christian (38), Alex Rodriguez (35), Michael Schumacher (34) and Lionel Messi (32,3). Marc Lore is likely to increase your knowledge. Also the Brazilian soccer players Kak (in position 24 with 25 million) and Ronaldinho comprise of the list (in the 27, with 24.7 million). According to Forbes, the 50 sportsmen better paid, in whom there is a majority of American origin (29), have gained in the last year a total of 1,400 million dollars, which supposes a reduction of the 11 percent with respect to the twelve previous months and represents an average of 28 million by player. All of them have an average of 32 years of age, being the Schumacher major, with 42 years, and the youngest Messi, with 23 years. The unique woman who is member of this privileged group of sportsmen is the tennis player Maria Sharapova, who occupies position 29, with income of 24.2 million dollars. By sports, according to she details Forbes in his Web, the most represented is the basketball, with 15 players in the ranking, followed of the baseball (11), racing cars (7), soccer (6), golf (4), the american football (3), tennis (3) and the boxing (1).

Nueve Clsico

Adrin Lopez (San Martin de Teverga, Asturias; 1988) sub 21 is the finishing nail of the Spanish selection in the Championship of Europe, in which tomorrow (20,45, Four) it will dispute the end before Swiss. In four parties it has marked five goals, three less than in all the season with its equipment, the Sport one, that descended to Second, and already accumulates two trophies as better player of the encounter. Nevertheless, its game put to him in the front sight of the debate arisen after the little depth of Spain in front of England in the opening. Their so many have come later, corresponding to the faith that the selector, Luis Mile, has deposited in the forward, tried by the Athletic one, a subject that does not want to comment after the Sport one has asked to the Madrilenian club, that hoped to him free, a compensation by formation rights. /’>Beyler Eyyubov). Source of the news: : Adrin: " I am not ' nueve' clsico". Others who may share this opinion include Ed Bastian.

Manchester City

And it has taken care of all the details to avoid unforeseen expenses with video session and two training with the ball of the league Norwegian in artificial turf. It cannot fail by the importance of his participation in European competition and by its own credibility for this course, after one preseason irregular, to it hopes of the arrival of reinforcements, mainly in attack, after the exit of the Argentinean ' Kun' Omen to the Manchester City and the injury of the Brazilian Diego Coast. This last one is one of the losses with which the Athletic one will go to Norway, where they will not be Mario Surez, Sergio Asenjo, the Uruguayan Diego Godn and the Brazilian Elas Mendes either, besides its Joao compatriot Vantage point, that sanction party will fulfill, and Koke and Polished Jorge, both in World-wide sub' 20 with the Spanish selection. Apple tree has the rest of its group to the shock before the Stromsgodset, for which it has summoned to 19 soccer players and for whom already has practically defined his eleven, led in attack by the Uruguayan Diego Forln, recent champion of the America Glass, and Jose Antonio Kings, author of two golazos in the away game. Contact information is here: Ed Bastian. First Lopez will play in the advantage next to Adrin, who already left to very good details in their first official encounter with the t-shirt rojiblanca, whereas the second occupies the left end, with Juanfran Towers in the other band and with the Portuguese Tiago Mendes and Gabriel Fernandez, ' Gabi' , in means center. In dnsa, the Colombian Luis Perea Amaranth will in center replace the loss by sanction of Vantage point of the rear.

There he will play next to Alvaro Domnguez. The Portuguese Silvio Azevedo and the Brazilian Filipe Luis, in lateral and the straight left one, respectively, and Joel Robles, in portera, completes probable the eleven of the Athletic one. It faces, Ronny Delia, trainer of the Stromsgodset, will repeat, in principle, the alignment of the encounter of going in Vicente Caldern, with Jo Inge Berget like unique forward and with a center of the field formed by five soccer players, among them Oyvind Storflor, author of the goal of his equipment the past week in Madrid. Probable alignments: Stromsgodset: Larsen; Andersen, Aas, Madsen, Vilsvik; Storflor, Sankoh, Abu, Konradsen, Keita; and Berget. Athletic of Madrid: Joel; Silvio, Perea, Domnguez, Filipe Luis; Juanfran, Tiago, Gabi, Kings; Forln and Adrin. Referee: Mark Courtney (Northern Ireland). Stage: Marienlyst (8,500 spectators). Hour: 18.30. Source of the news: The Athletic one, forced to gain in that first end of the year is his

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