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The change in these numbers that, if it perceives ahead of this analysis, it is it are of the standards, does not imply in diminishing them and yes in readequar them, but, a decision of this transport, will depend on some factors. One suggests then that, the dried leaf of payment either in those months where the invoicing falls considerably on account of the sazonalidade and that at time of bigger movement, either admitted a greater I number of collaborators. In figure 2 one perceives that 68.11% had not received nor a type of professional qualification, and that only 11% had received training in the quality from attendance. For being a rendering company of services, the same one will have to be worried in mainly giving to more training to its collaborators in the area of attendance to the public, characterizing its staff, the company will be improving its attendance, therefore, it will have prepared profissionaismais to exert its functions and at the same time it will be motivating its collaborators. What if it can analyze in figure 3 is that in the room trimester the company has an index of 20,74% of invoicing, being the minor of the period.

This value if of the one due to fall of movement of you house in the hotel for occasion of low the season. To verify the behavior of the invoicing of the company, the data of the period had been arisen and are distributed in four trimesters. The data presented in the figure above, exactly considering that technical the country is in an unstable environment monetarily, are not considered that it has had brusque fall in the prescription gained for the company during the analyzed period. However, ahead of the reduction of the invoicing, the manager will have to adopt measured to attract customers in these periods where the prescription costuma to have a small fall.

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