Protein Mixtures

65 The best known proteins are produced under the brands of manufacturers: Dymatize, bsn, vpx, sts, Performance Products, Iron-Tek, Prolab, mmusa, Power System, Ultimate Nutrition Weider and others. Some sports fans are committed to the conclusion that in training at all can do without protein supplements, eating only conventional products, not realizing that so many would be able to eat constantly, not everyone and to bring to the job banks with certain kinds of foods do not all have the opportunity. Do protein supplements have a large number significant advantages over the products – you can cook almost instantly, to accept it will not take long for the simple reason that most often it is taken as a liquid drink, and it does not take much space in your bag. According to a source of high-protein mixtures are classified in soy, dairy, egg and multi-containing all or several of the species. Most important, after use, they give, is that the proteins are 100 percent safe for human health. Great attention to protein supplements, sports nutrition as due to the very high-impact applications. Among the most athletes running on date proteins – Formula 80 Evolution, 100% Soy Isolate, Simply Whey, Daily Protein, 100% Whey Isolate, 100% Pure Platinum Whey, Mega Shake, Professional Protein, Isopreme, Nitro-Tech Hardcore, iso 100, Elite Whey Protein and others.

Obscure the fact today is that the majority of practicing unconditional trust in the European and American manufacturers special additives, although our domestic protein at this time did not lag behind foreign analogs, and the cost of even surpasses them. Protein mixture produced by the method commonly used in purification of products high protein content, from lischnih components. Probably, there are few people from practicing the power of sports that do not take protein mixture. Until now, despite the great abundance of sports supplements, protein remains one of the hottest types of sports nutrition. -Rich mixture to help solve the problem faster than desired, while spending less effort. Proteins effectively help in the recruitment of mass at maintaining the shape of the desired condition, or when a program designed for losing weight due to fat. Protein mixtures can be divided into two types – slow and heterogeneous, which slowly release nutrients components in the hydrolysis process, thereby evenly feeding the human body all day long and fast, which are necessary for exhaustion immediately after the workout.

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