Pumping Body Muscles

Powerful Delta is the main condition in the pump body muscles. Shoulder muscles are involved in all major upper body exercise. The front of the delta are involved in the bench press and the intensity of the load is not inferior to the chest muscles. Rear Delta together with the broadest part in all kinds of rods. Engaged in the development of deltas needed at the outset of training. In the deltoid muscle three beams, so it is logical to assume that we will need a minimum of three exercises for development of each beam.

And now a little anatomy. The front of the delta: the function of front beam is raising his hands before them and bring them to the body axis. Best exercises. Suppose Arnold. In the initial position, hold dumbbells grip palms to her in front of him. Squeeze dumbbells upward at the same time deploying the brush out.

At the top of the bench press palms must look forward. Returning the dumbbells to the starting position, repeat steps in reverse order. Elevations on the block in front of him. Exercise is carried out with one hand. Stand with your back to the block. Back to keep straight. Slowly lift the working arm to parallel with the floor. The grip must be straight, the outer side of hand-to-face. Alternating dumbbell lifts in front of him. Raise the dumbbell in front of him. Then descends. Vernal grip of his hand to his face. Do the exercise slowly and without cheating.

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