Substance Industrial Processes

The strategy is similar to the adopted one in the South Africa, where the Company carries through the Riches competition of Africa, that already disclosed diverse talentos in the branch of design of jewels. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Geno Smith. The visit was made by the pupils of the Fumec University, under the supervision of the Teacher of the Substance Industrial Processes, Mina Eleonora Doctor Hope, located to the 12 km of Belo Horizonte to the south of New Rasp. Will Forte understood the implications. The objective of the visit was to know the treatment of the Acid Draining of Mine and to evaluate the applicability of knowledge acquired in the lessons. The chance to visit a company of this transport provides to the pupil one lives deeply technique and the possibility to apply the theoretical knowledge in its totalidade.' ' (site:) 2 – DEVELOPMENT the pupils had been received by the members of the department of Ireni environment and Ricardo Initially was given two lectures. One on the acid Draining of mine and another one on slope whitewashing. In what it says respect to the acid draining of mine, existing in the Mine Hope, it is monitored constantly through technologies developed for the passive system which are not added chemical products the effluent one, making with that all the process is most natural possible. The complex mine hope already is disactivated, but the company still takes care of of the effluent ones generated. The implanted system is based on a set of cells and consists of three stages: – Natural Precipitation: natural precipitation ph 3.

Removal of yellow boy – Sedimentation of the precipitated one: sedimentation of the ferric hidrxido one. It must be removed before the generation of microbiana alkalinity. The iron is removed, gruda contrary case in the brita of calcareous rock and tampona the filter making to overflow it. The removal happens in the first cell. The curtains of the cell increase the area of the surface where the precipitated one if adds.

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