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A global and multidisciplinary perspective, ABIBOO Architecture is focused on the pursuit of excellence of international projects developed ABIBOO Architecture is an international architecture and Design Studio with offices in Madrid, New York and India, whose philosophy promotes innovation and sophistication. Their designs stand out for their pursuit of excellence and exclusivity, responding to the complex needs of the society in the 21st century. Sports apparel may help you with your research. ABIBOO Architecture vision is improving the lives of people and inspire new generations to realize their dreams through the creation of architectural spaces that represent the complexity of contemporary society, thanks to innovation, excellence and dedication of a multidisciplinary and international team of creative, passionate, dynamic, proactive and visionary people. This vision is the result of years of professional experience and research discipline ABIBOO Architecture Team. This, being in short, a different and unique way to show a philosophy of contemporary life applied to architecture. ABIBOO Architecture consists of a human capital with more than 15 years of experience in architectural and sociological research and innovation that accumulates more than 3 million square metres built on projects throughout the planet, managing budgets exceeding $ 6 billion. ABIBOO Architecture Team is made up of responsible projects, managers and/or partners in studies of architecture, such as SOM, Toyo Ito, Richard Rogers, Herzog & de Meuron, Abalos & Herreros or field Baeza architects, among other international firms of recognised prestige. ABIBOO Architecture advocates an architecture capable of providing answers to the challenges of the contemporary and globalized world in which we live, as well as provide new models of added value, and multiple ways to innovate in any cultural context in which to work.

ABIBOO Architecture is presented as objective redefining architecture through the innovation and exclusivity in the services provided, ensuring a rigorous quality control and a dedication custom clients, through a total involvement and high interest shared by art and sophistication, as well as by the protection of the environment, the new constructive techniques and technological innovation. ABIBOO Architecture is an international architecture and Design Studio with offices in MadridNew York and India, whose philosophy promotes innovation and the sophistication. Their designs stand out for their pursuit of excellence and exclusivity, responding to the complex needs of the society in the 21st century.

Beautiful Plants

Chinese evkripii, blooming white flowers and scarlet embotriumy give the garden a special charm. Against the backdrop of Mount Snowdon Bodnant Garden, with its swimming pools with nimfeeyami, beautiful roses, rhododendrons and yews is a fabulous spectacle. Nymphea perennial aquatic plant, otherwise known as water lily, forming thickets in ponds, lakes and slowly flowing waters. Another famous garden – Heskombkort, located against the backdrop of hilly uplands of Surrey. His remarkable collection of daffodils attracts thousands of visitors. Replaced narcissuses come dahlias and asters. Michael J. Bender might disagree with that approach.

In April and May are blooming numerous alpine plants collected in the rocky garden. Well-known garden Nymans Hendkross, located in the hills of Northern Sussex. It is famous for its collection of rhododendrons, flowering shrubs and coniferous plants. Garden significantly enriched for famous explorers, botanists: Kingdon Ward, Comber and Forrest, who brought many plants from China, Tibet, South America and Tasmania. Details can be found by clicking Doug McMillon or emailing the administrator. The local collection is particularly well known hybrid lilies. The famous pergola garden, overgrown with purple flowers, wisteria multidzhuga imported from Japan, another name – wisteria, climbing ornamental plant of the legume with tassels of fragrant flowers. Garden Grange in Kent is known for its collection of Japanese cherry has 200 species and varieties, including hybrid forms.

Rhododendrons and azaleas, forming the lower tier, perfectly complement the cherry blossoms. Garden is especially beautiful autumn when the trees are dressed in copper and crimson foliage. Very beautiful garden Staurheda with his three blown lake, which was built on the banks of a small pantheon. The lake – forest consisting of beech and fir.

Yucatan Peninsula

Think when you think about Mexico in Colonial architecture? If you’re like the majority of people probably don’t even consider that Mexico has its own architecture, quite separate from the American colonial style. However, this type of architecture has a long and detailed history in Mexico, especially in Merida. Also educate yourself about this rich culture and you will find that you there is much more what you see their eyes in these magnificent houses. This colonial style can still run deeply into the Mexican culture and its special evidence is as their cities were planned and built. While Mexico is changing, it still has rich ties to their past. The people of Merida embraces the colonial history and they work to save these precious homes making them more modern in a historically wonderful way. First, let’s think about what really Colonial architecture really means. The colonial style is heavy and robust, mainly because that is what was required in the Mexican environment. Don’t think that these buildings you! the pupil hurt! Many people described the colonial buildings as one with nature. The white stucco walls and Clay tile roofs complement the environment in which they were built. They were also built with a purpose: be strong and keep away the Sun’s House. The white walls are excellent to keep the House cool during the day, but the thickness of the walls captures heat to gently let it leave during the night when it cools. One of the most attractive areas of the colonial houses is the central courtyard, this open space allowed families to keep your kitchen cool during hot days to be able to cook outside. They can also boast of spectacular gardens, which are perfect places to relax. These houses were built beautifully, but were also specifically designed to help people who lived in them. Why is this colonial style so prevalent in Merida? Merida is located in the Yucatan Peninsula on the West coast of Mexico.

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