German Ceiling

In addition, mounting rack, or cluster of ceilings can implemented at any stage of repair: pokleennye wallpaper walls and laid a laminate or engineered wood does not suffer from the mud. Secondly, it is possible wet cleaning, including the use of detergent compositions. Third, the easy access to all built-in zapotolochnoe space communications. Repair of HVAC equipment and the replacement of its individual elements there is no difficulty, after all, reiki, and cassettes are easily removed and then re-assembled on place. Fourth, water resistant. This advantage of suspended ceilings, metal makes it possible to use them in damp rooms: bathrooms, swimming pools, shower rooms, laboratories, etc. For the same reason ceilings will not be affected in case of emergency "flood": bar, filled with dirty water, just disconnected from the suspension system, washed, wiped and re-attached in the right place.

Fifth advantage is fire, allowing installing tape and suspended ceilings in the rooms, which are special requirements for fire safety. Rack and cluster ceilings serve for decades, with no need additional care. Large selection panel allows you to make the ceiling meets the tastes of the most stringent aesthetes. Matte and glossy, mirror and texture, color and perforated models can be used for create a monolithic coating, or design option, which gives an unique and elegance to any room. The only thing that can stop the buyers is the price: it's a bit higher than that of the drywall.

However, should think twice: a need to save on construction, which is not done for a year or even five years? All costs, subject to purchase quality goods, pay off very soon. Once paid for materials and installation, you will be able to live peacefully for years without worrying about his ceiling. And if suddenly, by a strange coincidence, one of the elements of the ceiling system is damaged, it can simply be replaced without dismantling the entire design. Modern design ceilings for rooms for public use are increasingly involves the use of rack and cassette ceiling systems. They are not only attractive but also durable, long lasting, reliable. One way to create spectacular ceiling was the application of new perforated tapes made of his own design company Geipel. Products are perfectly combined with smooth panels that significantly increases the number of options for interior decoration. Real German quality, the possibility of uniform illumination devices with embedded lights Geipel – this is your opportunity to resettlement beautiful and comfortable rooms.

Granite Decor

On granite heard many, if not all. He is one of the most common rocks on Earth. It includes such items as: plagioclase, feldspar, mica, plagioclase and quartz. The use of granite in the construction be very wide, due to its high durability and strength. Granite is highly resistant to moisture, hardness and density. It can be used everywhere, for example: manufacturing paving slabs, monuments, staircases, granite cladding of buildings, embankments and decorative items in the room. Stability of granite to adverse weather conditions in many high, making it perfect for outdoor decoration. He fears neither the summer heat or winter cold, nor heat, neither wind nor rain.

The facades of houses and buildings decorated with granite, looks natural and majestic at the same time. With granite cladding, solved a number of challenges, including – improving practicality and comfort, elegance in the decor. Swimming pools, fountains and fireplaces because of its very nature is constantly exposed to a strong destructive Effects of materials used by water or fire. Facing granite give exclusivity to any subject of your home or architectural elements. With the help of the granite cladding can give your fireplace special individual style that will set the tone for your entire interior of the house. Italian, English or French style – each of them will have a 'zest'. Click Frank Ntilikina to learn more. Stone is a fine combination with other materials – both artificial and natural.

With granite, you can implement any of its design or architectural ideas. Just depending on how the processing of granite, and changing its appearance: for polishing it one for the other tesaniya and thermal processing third. Facing the granite will look great and polished and the rough variant. Polished granite shimmers in the sun and plays all of its nuances, but rough looks and looks more natural. For use in exterior decoration is not necessary to buy expensive models, it is possible and not expensive. The main requirement for such a stone – water resistance and durability. Although appearance of the granite also played no small role. In contrast, expensive and valuable varieties of granite are used for decoration of interior. From it often do countertops, window sills, stairs, bar counters and cornices, railings, baseboards, and more. Granite and decoration items and add a room a special charm and grandeur. In addition, a ladder or window ledge of granite can last even several centuries.

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