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These new tools allow that the integrant professional of a mission diplomatics can communicate with the world and speech on the career, professional subjects, thoughts and decisions, agreements and treated to a faster form and exempt. Much more that to only speak of the speed of the information, we have that to see that the world-wide context moved, thus demanding the dynamism of each diplomat and the innovation and the way as if door. The Subjects global they must always be the focus, therefore each time has bigger multilateral challenges and the relations between the countries must multilaterally be treated and not bilaterally for the diplomats of the world all, the countries must strengthen each time in helping ones more to the others. It said Alan Charlton, British Ambassador. The world-wide vision of the New social medias For each subject that we see and we observe the social medias already is inclusa in the social context in diverse ways, twitter from the moment where he was servant, timeline passed to be used as one or real time of what it happens with each user, Thousand of people and celebrities already have profile in twitter for one better interaction between each one, this facilitate the form as each person starts to have information ones of the others. Not only people as companies also have its profiles in twitter, where they start to use of the tools to call more the attention its consumers, being made drawings, promotions and indications, beyond being able to make one better boarding to know what house necessary customer, and as better it takes care of it. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Eddie Mio and gain more knowledge..

Twitter, facebook, youtube, amongst other social medias if make gifts, the department of state already shows that they are apt to use and to use to advantage of this new trend that only tends to increase to facilitate the propagation of the information, this everything summarizes in an only reply the users, knows to use, uses to advantage the information, much information not yet is the sufficient, and if some person if to leave to pass, goes to lose itself in the time. as a context that has revolutionized the world the social Internet and medias is a perfect canal of information, only has that to know, with who speed we obtain to follow. Bibliographical references: Cittadini. and Ferrando N. (2009). W: Guida Pratica alla Pubblicit con Facebook. Wondermarks Books. Lvy, Pierre (2000).

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It could cite diverse solutions for the country, but I am not the hero. I walk more for villain, to the eyes of the others. But the only thing that I cite, here, is exactly the education. Education of truth backwards conscience for the conscience, light to follow in front. What I could notice, in the day of the elections, was the minimum of possible education. People that wise person not to practically read, neither to write She had one face that she was copying ' ' smbolos' ' that it had written in the RG for the signature leaf, others delayed eternities voting and finished for placing ' ' branco' ' , without having better alternative.

Total shame! If it will be for being thus, it soon finishes with the obligatoriness it vote or becomes the education a maximum priority in this country, above of all the others. He is necessary first to remove impediments the veins of this sick society, to free the mind of them, truth. Thus to only give some clear advance. What to speak then of the politician, in itself. They spend money toa playing idiotic roles, much of these already comes with all the numbers of candidates whom the voter nor the least who knows is, but that it leads in the day of the voting (or one in the street before entering in the college catches any, as I could see) to only make average and, possibly, ' ' not to waste voto' '. The funny one is that it the voter in such a way fills the mind of indifferences and lies, that the vote before this wastes very; the voter nor if of a obligation to choose somebody that really represents its ideas, its ideals of life, its expectations. It it votes in any one thinking that he is ' ' everything same coisa' '.

Digital Diplomacy

In this aspect the social medias come if showing of great importance in the economic and cultural movement of a new market, where to be manufactured product is accurately what the consumer wants that he is manufactured. The use of the social nets if does not have to only focar in to make with that the product is spread out in the social environment, but yes to keep a direct relation with the customer, and to know what it has in mind, and to firm bows of loyalty with the customer, moving the vision of it with the competitor in relation you. The great impact that the social medias comes making for the world is visible to any one, they directly impactaram the form of the relations human beings and in the forms of agreements and businesses. The information had gained a power of enormous propagation, and the speed with who if spreads is bigger still, looking at for this vision, any world-wide event, gains a great ratio, can observe events that had happened recently, a great movement in facebook and twitter of revolutionaries of the Middle East that culminated in the exit of some dictators who were governing the decades these nations. This is the strong and very superior social medias if making that surpass the simple objective of them that it is to facilitate to the communication the personal level, as we can see they are inserted in each social, cultural aspect, politician, economic democratic and diplomatist of the world. We can not only say that the social medias gain to each minute strategical connotation for the world-wide diplomacy and the businesses, being also used for professionals and that gained a function, of personal relationship, but as we can also call the new voice of the world. The Digital Diplomacy and the freedom of the press Who better of what the person who can understand a little more than foreign affairs stops saying in them what the social medias has influenced in the aspect diplomatist in Brazil and the world of what our current minister Patriotic Antonio? In the world-wide day of the Freedom of the Press, the minister of the foreign affairs, Patriotic Antonio, affirmed that the diplomacy of Brazil and the world lives a new moment. .

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