The world-famous Lake fields amateur photographer Markus Neuner explains the meaning of a good photographic lighting design and emphasizes why an image analysis is ever important. It is not for nothing that photographs in the best possible light must be placed to draw attention to himself. Just the way how to work in rooms with light you can lichtthechnisch also work in photographs. Sort photographic rooms perfect light design and the perspective in total fill. Ross Colton contributes greatly to this topic. But what is the basic idea for the photographic lighting design? Light create good conditions in the room and thus ensure occupant wellbeing can do to the light sources perfectly be positioned to achieve an optimal effect. It is whether you want to generate only a few details in the room or a general lighting and reach. In lighting design, there are the different ways atmospheric to satisfy all spaces and thus helping to more well-being and warmth. Both day and artificial light the same effect must be can achieve. Heri requires enormous creativity and technique of planners and designers that create new perspectives with a lot of patience and time. To achieve a pleasant spatial optimal appearance there is good and sufficient to position important individual light sources to create the effect. The man should be supplied in its spatial environment sufficiently but also enjoyable with light. Light should be not stressful. but pleasantly influence. Photography by Markus Neuner not only in lighting design in rooms and buildings, but “Atmosphere” 2011 which is also in the photography very important. Both in image processing, design, but also during shooting the current lighting conditions should be carefully studied and researched since then much easier doing is processing on the computer. Just as real spaces visualize how one real rooms designed should also in the picture. You should have the equal attention in designing lighting in photography or in the spatial environment. Because both are interesting. It is actually so that when a lamp if you this Dim, talk several times and switch off again, notice the room will changed in the light in bigger makes. The interiors appear larger. I noticed this yesterday on my curtain. When I let more light in the room the curtain has become more visible and has contributed to the size of the room. The light makes rooms bigger and expands not only the space but also the human horizon where it just looks more. For me made it why we of the photography often us fooled because the light here plays a very important role in which it intervenes in the scene and enlarges the space the evidence. If we see light, we see only a shadow of and a fraction of its real size.

Good Alternative

Mobile ice rinks at event more popular skating in the middle of town or on the beach thanks to latest technology many companies offer this not only in the winter. Skating rinks in all possible places can be constructed even at temperatures about 20 degrees. Thus skating rinks not only for the organizers of Christmas markets are a great investment, but also for operators of many other events a conceivable alternative. Curling, ice hockey and curling are popular hobbies and now also in the summer can be realised, for example, by stationary or mobile ice rinks. Many companies have recorded ice rinks now also made of plastic in your program. The fact is: ice rinks are becoming increasingly popular in the various events.

That may be also, that the operation of ice rinks can be cost-efficient. Rent an ice rink is one so no more only for the organizers of a Christmas market near this option, but for example also for the organizers Town festival in the summer an alternative. By the way skating rinks not on a rectangular basic shape are limited and can also be embedded by experts almost in any environment. More information, as well as provider and manufacturer of ice plants and other event modules, visit our Stadium world trade portal contact: Stadionwelt schlossstrasse 23 50321 Bruhl Tel.: ++ 49 2232 577221 E-mail: Stadium world business is the trade portal for decision makers in clubs and associations, cities and municipalities, as well as for operators, planners, and event agencies. We offer solutions for all issues related to the design, construction, equipment and operation of venues and locations, events, sports and Club equipment. News, interviews and topics Stadium world reported currently projects, products, and developments of the industry.


In the ice hotel, travellers will be quite warm to the heart of London/Berlin November 2009 the idea to spend a night in a freezer, is a stone-cold nightmare. However this freezer has an extravagant bar, ornate ice sculptures and a hot sauna is a unique experience from the vision of horror. Hotels.com presents two ice Hotel der Extraklasse for snow Kings and ice princesses hotel booking portal. Sleeping on the rocks high up in the North of Sweden in Jukkasjarvi is the best-known frozen Hostel in Europe, the ice hotel. To stay in the frosty rooms, you should wrap warm up first, because at an average temperature of minus five degrees Celsius quickly cold feet. Every year is the impressive igloo from 2,000 tons has been redesigned 30,000 tons of snow and ice, which gives the House its individual and at the same time ephemeral charm.

Befitting cool drinks are served at the ice bar, where the note without ice is superfluous, since the glasses are only made of frozen water exist. Should be too fresh the night camp despite animal fur and Thermoschlafsack for a longer stay, the hotel also thawed offers rooms and restaurants, including fireplace, punch and warm slippers. Fancy to sleep once on the rocks? Click here: deutsch.hotels.com/../icehotel-jukkasjarvi-schweden/ freezer burn excluded every year is back in the French-speaking Quebec freeze announced with style. The Canadian Edition of the elegant freezers to stay, the Hotel de Glace is located in the Northwest of the country, directly at the Lac St-Joseph. Chilblains and frostbite are fought successfully in the themed suites in the Maya – or ice hockey style with warm fur and a private Jacuzzi. Exercise is important, if you want to not freeze on the ground and therefore guests when the racy dog sledding or snowmobiling can bring the snow to melt. After the ice-cold trips at minus 15 degrees temperature, warm cold adventurer in the evening in the ice lounge at hot grog or enjoy the typical cider made huge Ice cubes by the fireplace with real fire. To the frosty experience igloo, Hotel de Glace, go here: deutsch.hotels.com/../hotel-de-glace-sainte-catherine-kanada/ more information on hotels in Berlin, hotels Rome, hotels Dresden Hotel Munich under deutsch.hotels.com.

About Hotels.com as part of the Expedia group, which is active in all major markets with a professional team, includes the portfolio by Hotels.com more than 99,000 quality hotels worldwide. A customer finds the same booking for a hotel with another provider competitive rates, paid in advance, Hotels.com will refund the difference. Hotels.com has one of the largest independent hotel teams in the industry, and supplies its customers with the best possible conditions, as well as user reviews. In February 2009, Hotels.com won the Gold Award in the category best hotel booking page of Web user magazine. Travelers can book online at or via the telephone hotline 0180-500 93 42 in the German-speaking call center. Press contact: Public link Albrechtstrasse 22 10117 Berlin Germany Yvonne Bonanati Press Office Hotels.com D/A/CH E-Mail: Tel.: + 49 (0) 30 44 31 88 25 corporate address: Cordy Griffiths PR Manager Hotels.com Tel.: + 44 207 019 22 68 E-Mail: deutsch.hotels.com

German Amusement Parks

Phantasialand and co. advertise with interesting offers fans of amusement parks in Germany will be delighted! Currently, several amusement parks in Germany offer special offers on their Web sites. Free 2nd day tickets are a special highlight. Those offers will be presented at present, for example, by the movie Park in Bottrop. The amusement park visitors can enjoy here a free ticket for the following day. To do this, it is necessary to show the current day ticket at a special ticket office, for this you get a free ticket finally in return for the following day. Doug McMillon has much to offer in this field. Especially at major theme parks in Germany, it is useful and recommended to distribute the Park visit for several days.

In this way, it is possible to enjoy the attractions and offers shows in peace. More information on the Gratisaktionen can be found on the Internet site of the Park. A more luminary of the theme parks in Germany, the Phantasialand in Bruhl, however, offers a different offer: the park visitor receives there the possibility, Online to set a particular day of the visit. When you do this, if you buy the day ticket for incredible 9.90 euros at the option of the Tuesday Knallers. The Heide Park in Soltau offers other bargains: the park visitors ordered his tickets already 2 days in advance online, 10% on its purchase be granted. Early booking, which is already at least 10 days in advance set, bag even 20%. For bargain hunters, it is worth a visit on the website of the theme parks in Germany in any case! (Editorial)

Experience Gifts – Summer Experiences Give

Seasonal experience gifts for the summertime experience gifts are always a good idea, especially for people who claim to have it all. In the warm season, there are countless ways to offer exciting adventures and exciting experiences in the wild. But also in the city, there are things you can discover a whole new and enjoy in the framework of an experience gift. Experience gifts to the water if a beach within easy reach, you can prepare wonderful experience gifts. Sporty people enjoy horseback riding in the surf, a course where you can try the kite surfing, or a diving course. Anyone wishing to make a romantic gift, can organize a beach picnic with champagne and fine cuisine, best at sunset just two.

Nature lovers will be delighted by a guided mudflat hiking. A unique experience is also a tour with a fishing boat for deep-sea fishing. But its also a ride with a rowing boat on a lake in the Moonlight very own magic. Experience gifts in the mountains In the summer you can brave a tandem flight with a paraglider give. A guided walking tour through a beautiful nature area is always good for mountain lovers. It is very interesting, if one opts for a guided tour with a specific topic, such as the birds and medicinal herbs in the mountains. A weekend on the Senner cottage is quaint and cozy, here you can spend undisturbed a few beautiful days with friends or your partner. By the way, you can also learn how cheese is made.

Mountain biking is a great fun for all who appreciate fast descents. In the city even if you live in the mountains, nor close to a body of water, you can organize experience gifts unique gifts of experience. In large cities, many museums offer courses in which facts about historical periods or art styles interactively conveyed. Interesting summer courses will be held at numerous universities, where anyone can take part. Also a cooking class, for example, for the light summer cuisine, is always a good idea. The warm season is ideal for extended mountain bike tours in the city, where you can explore districts, which were previously not known. With the gift of an experience, such a tour can be combined with the invitation in a good restaurant in the appropriate district. Last but not least, you can give away also vouchers for the learning of different sports: tennis, golf, the classics are here.

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