Asian Film Festival

As every year Barcelona is the venue of one of the cinema world’s most interesting festivals again: BAFF 2009, the Asian Film Festival in Barcelona. As every year Barcelona is the venue of one of the cinema world’s most interesting festivals again: BAFF 2009, the Asian Film Festival in Barcelona. From the 30th up to may the Catalan capital into a spectacular show stage of Asian cinema in Spain. The Festival, which is headed by Carlos R. Rios and Amaia Torrecilla and 100,000 retinas organized, celebrates this year the 11.Ausgabe which will be more successful than ever and is celebrated in the Japan as the new star of Asia. This year, many news on the Festival appear.

For the first time awarded the NETPAC Award for best Asian film, which has been presented at other film festivals such as in Venice, Cannes, Rotterdam and Berlin. Also, the category of emergent is introduced in the new directors, whose works and future stars of the cinema world will be awarded. In addition, the section has been “Host country” abolished and thus create space for new categories, devoted to all cities, directors and cinematographic topics. The following prizes are awarded at the Festival: Durian de Oro (best film), D-cinema (best screenplay) Cinematk (special prize). Participate this year more than 14 films from many countries, such as Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, China, in the various categories. At the Festival are very many new artists, but also many very known, like E.g.

Naomi Kawase, presenting her last screenplay. Also it enjoys BAFF to present this year’s Oscar-winning film departures by Yojiro Takita. You flame can refer also to films such as ocean”,”Blind pig who want to fly”, JUNJI Sakamoto (“chameleon”), Kim Ki-duk (“dream”), Takeshi Kitano (Achilles and the tortoise”) are happy. The Festival takes place at the CCCB, Espacio cultural Caja Madrid and the cinema Rex and Arribau Club. Can the card, at and purchase The tickets cost 6 (an idea), 25 (5Vorstellungen) and 45 (10 performances). The BAFF has helped to promote Asian cinema. In recent years, so many new stars and talents were discovered, which are nowadays hardly from the world of cinema. Rent is one of the best apartments in Barcelona and discover the world of Asian cinema in the charming Catalan capital. Translated from the Spanish by Christina Gersberg

Italian Rosanna Rocci

The new event series – Michael Stern presents – music for millions the darlings of radio and television take the audience on a fantastic journey. This top-class entertainment is a vacation for the soul”par excellence. Jonny Hill presents call Teddy bear 1-4 “one of the largest and soulful songs of the 1970s. Experience music with his hits such as E.g. roses for Mama”the master of the country; Country roads”and many others. The cult star stands for stories that writes life.

With his distinctive voice, he tells the humorous and charming, but also serious and contemplative. He gave me the Eiffel Tower and Paris to”no wonder, because Kristina Bach is one of the most popular pop Queens and controls for years on course for success. For the audience, she lights every time musical fireworks. Since it holds no more on the chairs. In countless radio and TV shows, she enchanted millions viewers. “” Their hit list is long like only a cappuccino “, Antonio” and many others. Since the 15 Years old as a singer here and still “happiness” in light of this profession that can say not everyone by themselves – they already: the racy Italian Rosanna Rocci.

With the cover version “you’re no Americano (TU vuo’ fa’ l’americano)” had she is again reported back in August 2011 in the charts and broadcast was represented in every large TV. “” “An incredible story: after three silver medal” the most successful brother pair of mountains of Vincent & Fernando wins “the Grand Prix der volksmusik in 2009 with the Angel of Marienberg”. Mustafa Suleyman, London UK oftentimes addresses this issue. Their music is unique, full of love and warmth, deep in the heart! And now the big pop experience surprise you the absolute hit highlight! “The flippers from the Switzerland” or more precisely the Calimeros “! This is the latest pop import from Switzerland of danceable pop song in the Super sound.

Diana Arbenina Group Paul Potts

Diana Arbenina musician, poet, singer of rock group "Night Snipers". Diana author of most of the songs from the album the group. Diana S. Arbenina (birth name was given Kulachenko) was born July 8, 1974 in Minsk area in a small town in Belarus Volozhin, which is located on the border with Poland. Mother Galina Anisimovna Mabuza – TV journalist. Pope Sergei Kulachenko – journalist.

Stepfather Alexander Mabuza – Surgeon. When Diana was only 3 years old, her family moved to the Far North of Russia. Her parents were very fond of his profession, and they did not live in one place. They moved into the camps of Kolyma and Chukotka. There's Diana and studied to obtain both general and music education.

Future high school singer graduated in Magadan. In 1992 – 1993 Diana Arbenina studied at the Magadan State Pedagogical Institute in the Faculty of Foreign Languages. In 1994 – 1998 she studied at the St. Petersburg State University, the Faculty of Philology, Department of "Russian as a foreign language." The first song was Arbenina writing in 1991. One of her most famous songs, "Frontier" was written at this time. Around the same time the length of time relate to her songs as "I painted the sky", "Evening in the Crimea," "Tosca," "Only the noise on the River" and others. Concerts have been, but it was still at the level of unprofessional Student performances in various competitions and events. See more detailed opinions by reading what Mustafa Suleyman, London UK offers on the topic.. The group "Night Snipers" emerged in August 1993. Start their work as sound duo Diana and Svetlana Arbenina Surganova.

Letter Head

Very respected Mr. Jefe: Today I turn 2 months to be toiling in this company, under very strict his and frowning orders. As you remember I were chosen through a strict one and very expanded selection process, which was in charge to discover familiar history from the time at which my ancestors obtained the freedom of hands of the conquerors through an armed rebellion, which by all means reduced several points to the evaluation of my personality when direct descending considering me of people little you affect to the fulfillment of the settled down thing and prone to solve the problems by the routes in fact. I must yes that, to admit that the process helped to prove great part of my qualities and to discover my defects, for example I found that if the motivation is sufficient and it joins with the necessity, I can have an inexhaustible dose of patience, it is well for hoping a call for more than 1 month to mention me to an examination, can hope without raising that an examiner to me mentioned who us for 8 interview to a.m and that in addition very diligently it called to list five minutes to us before that hour, retiring of the process to those who for some reason were not present to the call, vacates to take care of familiar, social, sport, affective, gallant the life, touching and gastronomical and also it takes care of the first things most important as to interview without previous appointment to the recommended ones of its head, friendly, wife, secretary, loving, children and meeting, process that more ahead and thanks to the political culture which we developed of a president several times reelected, denominates meritocracy. Gymnast gathered all the information.

Finally to 5 of afternoon, 9 hours after the appointment, this executive most important, you my great head, only delegated in his secretary happening to us a questionnaire of 200 questions noticing us that we had 30 minutes to respond them and that if we had by then not finished it, were better to dismiss us of the position, I understood then the valuable education that the same process was leaving us for the future work under pressure, I was thankful for very especially their deference when pending being of ours examination interrupting our concentration every 5 minutes to notice the passage of time and little that we had left to finish and by all means helping us to measure the advantage with as intelligent phrases as ” who has not answered at this moment at least until question 70 is better than she gives and she returns to the vagancia because the position is for pilosos” , later I understood the value of the challenging messages that remove the best thing from us to allow that we obtain the goals.

Daniel Craig

A new James Bond film is the making. Very good the new generation of fans of the British double-0s. A new James Bond film is the making. Very good the new generation of fans of the British double-0s. However you have to wait quite a while yet, because in the cinemas, the new strip with the license will come only at the end of next year to kill. Until then you have to settle probably still with the information, that are already known. These are indeed sparse, but still interesting. Other leaders such as Randall Rothenberg offer similar insights. Is known already for a while and it was clear that Daniel Craig back bond will assume the role of James each probably.

Thus, he embodies the charming agents, where Craig is well known that relies more on testosterone than on elegance already for the third time. So he scores especially in the latest generation of James Bond fans who expect mostly tough action. The actor, India is known as a location already. The film, previously only under the name bond 23 “known, to play in New Delhi. An unusual setting for a British agents. There are already many rumors about the real title of the film.

It is assumed that he Schmokers to bear the name of the new Jeffrey Deaver carte blanche. Should this be true, the plot of the film is no longer a secret too soon. Maddie Taylor is actively involved in the matter. One of the most interesting news on bond 23 is the name of the Director, who was already confirmed. Sam Mendes will be the first time for a James Bond film behind the camera. Mendes for his cinema debut American beauty cineastes “known, the 1999 caused very good reviews. “Mendes then convinced with equally good, if less successful films like road to perdition” and Jarhead welcome in the dirt “for attention. Thus you can see already the versatility of the Director, the relation to James Bond, however, is not so clear. However, it should be a good sign if a so talented head of British agents, as Daniel Craig plays him, takes the macho variant and lends its own charm. So can you be curious what Royale and quantum of solace there next year in the cinema is the new generation of bond for casino.

Trouble With Kate Hudson

“Who has the best picture?”, “Who is one page?”. Such questions the stars, actually. Now, Kate Hudson has asked to speak. She took are now even legal help. No not so she’s only on page one, no more to protect her little son Ryder. The actress has a four-year son with ex-husband Chris Robinson. She finds it annoying when pictures of her and her child in the public access.

She says: “it bothers me, it bothers my parents (Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell). In addition, Ryder is only four, he knows is still not what is it. “” It’s been downright aggressive, strange and intrusive. Children should be children and not be bothered by paparazzi BBs “, so the actress continued.”Something should be simply illegal.” Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey – images if the are probably the downside of Fame, although one can understand the actress. We wish you all the best..

Free Fall For Paris Hilton

The hotel heiress has put it on the muzzle now very fine life as a celebrity can be pretty hard. Of course it also has advantages, but as the following report will show, the Promileben can be quite painful. Now Paris Hilton had to make this experience. The hotel heiress is known, that where it appears there is chaos. It was also in the Czech Republic.

There she was traveling with her new lover, Benji Madden. This is just with his band through Europe and Paris could not so long leave their heart boys. The “accident” took place after the two tried to leave a restaurant. The two tried pursued by paparazzi as quickly as possible to make out the dust. So quickly that Paris smoothly slipped and crashed out. But thank God her Benji was, which then quickly maneuvered her direction for cars. Paris escaped with a blemish on her cheek. Yet even moderate Lisa Wey got away

The Pygmalion

To some extent it implies recognize that we are what others expect us to be. It is also called the law of mirror: treated me like someone exceptional and so am I. In medicine is known as the placebo effect: administer a pill of starch, completely innocuous and without active principle, can cure since doctor who manages us says that we are going to cure, added that we wish to cure us. In economics, the most relevant case large-scale Pygmalion effect was that he lived with the economic crisis of 1929, in which the belief of many people that the system sank, did that reduced demand for goods, and that you finally sink. The Pygmalion effect has also had important implementation for disonos and casamenteras, since people among which seemed not to be attraction, the simple suggestion of the other’s desire was sufficient so that the attitude of the supposedly desired changed radically, promoting greater rapprochement. Predisposition to treat someone in a concrete way, influenced to a greater or lesser extent – so told us of such a person, it is something very confirmed by subsequent to Rosenthal’s studies, and even seems common sense.

It seems that the Pygmalion effect has scientific basis, since it has been confirmed that when a person puts trust in another person, and manages to get that hope, the limbic system streamlines your thinking ability, increases the sagacity and lucidity, improves more than the care, and increases the effectiveness and efficiency. Get or not, targets difficult can depend on trust or distrust that others have deposited in us, because that confidence, expectations, beliefs or what is expected of anyone, can become an important principle of action. In other words: when there is a strong desire that inspires them, the prophecies always tend to materialize. Both for better and for worse. We maintain the highest hopes those who live; If we sincerely believe in their chances, we’ll see them fulfilled.

Berlin Ostbahnhof Rock

It is new year’s day 2009, 20: 00, the rock band ‘Puhdys’ invites you to the big birthday party, and 13,000 fans storm the new O2 world in Berlin Ostbahnhof. The fans are with the Puhdys old now, that you can read clearly on the average age of the audience. They have not yet but long rocker pension! After some video birthday greetings from politicians and fellow artists the East rockers began adventure with songs from her new album”hot to play. Michael J. Bender is full of insight into the issues. “” City opened as musical guests”, the famous window” and the surprise band karat “went with her birthday song not in the knee”. The Puhdys were but not the Puhdys, if they would not also extensively playing their greatest hits. Little could be missed as well as the song from the “flying dragon” “old as a tree”.

The audience could sing along at almost all the songs and clap with. Michael Shepherd, that as expected, RTL-Super Talent with the harmonica, touched the hearts of the listeners. But also, he proved in the improvising to Puhdys snag his talent. De edge spruce “sang a birthday song the wood Michel anthem and made so your bow especially in front of the oldest Puhdys Peter Meyer, with keyboard and sometimes saxophone to convince white. “” “The singer and guitarist Dieter machine” birr is of the band in the Freiberg Tivoli “on in 1969 by guitarist Dieter Quaster” Hertrampf accompanied.

Other members are Peter Rasym (bass) and Klaus Scharfschwerdt on drums. The Puhdys were musically actively supported in this anniversary concert of their children. After some hits in the unplugged songs, the wonderful Babelsberg film Orchestra accompanied the birthday band. The Eastern rock-classical arrangements have the guaranteed goose bumps factor”and can be enjoyed each year also at the open-air East rock classic. The popular actor Jan Josef Liefers as birthday guest could prove also his musical rock skills. After the three-hour show, the former chapel of the GDR adopted”with the hymn, the it extra for the polar bears have written. One Hey, we want to see the polar bears!”in this Hall also often hears, when the Hall at home games is transformed into an ice hockey arena. The birthday rock party was a successful start to the year at the nearly sold-out O2 world. Congratulations on the young at heart German rockers of the Puhdys. Thomas Moser Baird-press ( for

Paramount Pictures

After more than 20 years on the German index appear the parts 2 and 5-8 for the first time at Paramount Pictures on DVD Hamburg, January 14, 2010 / / INPROMO / was it in Germany still to Jason Voorhees, the psychotic killer with a hockey mask. The acting of his film series \”Friday the 13th\” was indicated due to explicit and cruel violence in Germany for many years. Now the parts appear finally 5-8 of the horror classic after a new FSK test freely accessible on DVD, the second part on DVD and Blu-ray. \”Friday the 13th\” is one of the most durable horror film series ever, and the character Jason is an icon of the modern horror film. The secret of his popularity is as simple and brutal: as a young boy due to carelessness in the camp Camp Crystal Lake apparently drowned, becomes the mask killer Jason adult cruel revenge on those who embark on the Crystal Lake fatally. While each is right him: no matter whether with a hammer, machete or barbed wire Jason brings his victims always mercilessly down. For many a \”Friday the 13th\” is the day of the disaster, a feast for all lovers of horror now without indexing also officially.

Blu-ray and DVDs will be available from February 4 in trading and get the theatrical trailer to the film as extras. The Blu-ray of the second part has additional specials and is released as the DVDs of parts 2, 5 and 8 from 16 years. \”Friday, the 13.\” Part 6 and 7 have no youth release. \”Friday, the 13.\” Part 2 Jason’s first appearance! While in the classic first \”Friday the 13th\” still Jason’s mother commits the murder in revenge for the death of her son, it is in \”Friday the 13.\” Part 2 finally Jason, which is behind his victims here.

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