Crystal Lake

Five years after the events-nissen of the first part opened a new holiday camp Crystal Lake. The unbekum merten new camp leaders ignore the warning to stay away from this infamous place. Carefree, young people explore the area without it noticing that she’s got something threatening in the visor. The hunt begins and one fall after another Jason’s bloody madness to the victim. Tension and horror galore serves this captivating horror. That more Blu-ray exclusive specials offers in addition to the theatrical trailer: among other memories of “Crystal Lake”, lost Tales from camp blood – part 1, as well as Jason forever! “Friday, the 13.” Part 5 “A new beginning” Tommy, one of the few survivors of Jason’s massacres, suffers nightmares and fear conditions even after his alleged victory over the psychopath. He decides to make a therapy in a closed institution, but also to this supposedly safe place, the horror is access.

A bestial murder follows on the next and soon Tommy and the others in the fifth part of “A new beginning” back to their lives running but is really the dead believed Jason behind the hockey mask? “Friday, the 13.” “Jason lives” finally by his anxiety to liberate part 6, Tommy decides to convince Jason’s death. If you would like to know more about Delta Air Lines, then click here. Together with a friend he excavates the body, but “Jason lives”. In the the sixth part of the “Friday, the 13.”Series returns to his old hunting grounds of Crystal Lake Jason and a group of teenagers is quickly becoming its helpless prey. Tommy tries to stop Jason and it comes to the final fight between him and the powerful killer. “Friday, the 13.” Part 7 “Jason in the Bloodlust” Tina has telekinetic powers and believed to be to blame in the death of her father in Crystal Lake. When attempting to contact her father, she freed however Jason caught on the bottom of the Lake and has only one thing in mind: to kill.

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