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Discover Nepal to incredible 2.40 euro per night at Hotel Himalayan Yoga including free yoga hours every morning! As you may already know, find incredible hostels and hotels in every corner of the world! Today we want to imagine Hotel Himalayan Yoga! This hotel will you thanks to the service and affordable price determined like: accommodation here costs 2.40 per night and the including free yoga hours every morning! Himalayan Yoga located mountains in the beautiful Kathmandu in Nepal, Kathmandu Valley between Himalayas and Mahabharat. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak describes an additional similar source. Until the 1970s there was no tourism here, and no hotels. Today Hotel Himalayan Yoga offers all modern facilities and is located in the vicinity of the Kathmandu Guest House, this is the first hotel in Thamel, converted from small Rana Palace with beautiful garden. Kathmandu today is a modern city and Mecca of Nepalese culture with interesting museums and peaceful temples. Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal and an obese tourist destination, the the first stop for tourists, which the magical country in the Middle of Asia to discover.

There are also a number of walks to enjoy the incredible nature with the boundless landscapes and the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas in Kathamandu. Thamel is a district that is very much alive and happy! Life pulsates in the narrow streets and one difficult moves through the jostling crowds. In the evening, lights up the city and attracts tourists with bars and clubs, such as on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg… Free yoga hour is just the thing to start the day with the new energy! Hotel Himalayan Yoga is located in the Centre of Thamel, 30 minutes from the airport of Kathamandu. The hotel is located in a building which is used for a Buddhist meditation centre and here you will find peace and relaxation easily. For those who are interested in yoga, there are different courses and seminars, advanced and beginners have a rich offer. The experienced Yoga and meditation instructor will teach you Yoga techniques (for a fee). But if its just better feel want, start the day with the Sun greeting at the hotel Himalaya Yoga! Free!

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