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Public competitions Wanderson Vitor Boareto Graduated History and Bachelor in law Postgraduate in History and Social Construction, Docncia of Superior Ensino and Enterprising Education Words Key Public Competition, Moral Stability, Ethics, Commitment, Society, Values Summary This text analyze the public competitions in Brazil and the professionals who are occupying positions in the public office. Beyond practical the bad o use of the positions for proper benefit or of outrem. Knowing that this practical is very common in our country. In this case who more suffers is the population that depends on the public services in elapsing of its life. Public competition is the dream of many Brazilians, had the stability of the job and good wages, that depending on the career are above average of the market. The public career, must be faced with commitment and determination, therefore it is a utility installment, where the master is the society. ' ' Characteristic of the people legal physics and, in view of its aptitude to be citizens of right, the analytical dogmtica costuma to use itself two other concepts: of capacity and of competncia.' ' (FERRAZ, PG157) However, what we see is the lack of education of the servers in the attendance to the public. That in our country never it suffered with bad attendance of these rendering of service. In the city halls, in the banks, the police stations of policy and all other departments, we come across with apticas and/or aggressive people. ' ' The Federal Constitution foresees that the legal people of rendering public law and of private law of public services will answer for the damages that its agents, in this quality, to cause third, the insured the responsible right of in the deceit cases or culpa.' ' (MORAES, PG339) We have that to understand that the job stability is a conquest, but not, an insoluble gift as is in Brazil, since the administrative proceedings finish in nothing.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The lines on the palms – this is the karmic marks of past karma (past life), present and future in karmic terms. Change the karma can only be the very life of man, his spiritual (and karma) by choosing between good and evil, good or bad actions and deeds, not risunochkom at their fingertips. Primitive man painted on the body images of different animals to obtain their properties and qualities: a deer – for speed racing, Tiger – for courage and ferocity, etc. Now this raises a smile. Many primitive people drew on his body the bull to get physical strength bull. But now everybody knows: in order to become 'inflated bull' (bodybuilder) be long and hard bodybuilders (bodybuilding) in the gym. Want the body of an athlete – "Pump the iron '(film about a young Arnold Schwarzenegger), and if anabolic steroids and hormonal (pharmacological agents). Only hard work will make a man out of 'inflated bull' – the athlete, not a bull tattooed on his body.

That is the real work on themselves, rather than drawing can change something in my life. Arnold Schwarzenegger (the most famous bodybuilder in the world) for many years heavy and hard to lift weights. Of will he had enough. That will – the tool by which people can influence their destiny. Schwarzenegger has repeatedly becomes 'Mr. Olympia', then a famous film actor, then governor of California. All thanks to his own will, not tattoos.

Will in physiognomy expresses his lower jaw. Remember the movies with a young Schwarzenegger (his protruding lower jaw). The media was information that Schwarzenegger had surgery to reduce the lower jaw to improve appearance. Now he looks like a young man. But will they have left. It is thanks to his will (real action), he became 'Pumped bykom'-bodybuilder, movie actor and then governor of California.

Google AdSense

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As there are advertising on television networks, it would not be less lower Internet. If you have not noticed the advertising is the key, and we can use this medium to promote our company or earn money for viewing advertising. Currently, there are many ways to earn money online, we classify them into two: forms of making fast money (initiated), and earn money in the long term (knowledge of html, php, or other) hope this information about money can be very helpful. David C Hernandez source: money original author and source of the article


The philosophy as critical activity – the one that is a preconception? Of some examples, explaining because reason is preconceptions. – For that end needed arguments in the philosophy? – The one that necessary to accept to be able to have a critical attitude? – Which is the difference between justifying our personal answers and having a critical attitude? 5. DESCRIPTION OF THE ACTIVITY? COMMENTARY the teacher when initiating the lesson, complimented its pupils, placed the date in the chalk picture, it made the call, and it asked for to that made one I circulate in the classroom to initiate with a dynamics of group before initiating the lesson properly said. The group dynamics is a thematic one to facilitate the learning, beyond opening or waxing any type of lesson or event. The thought of Leminski introduces the dynamics ' ' eye in olho' ' , sending to an analysis introspective of itself exactly and the other (MIRANDA, 1996, P. 33). From this organization of the space of the classroom the teacher distributed the material that was used, for each pupil.

This evidenced the planning the care of the teacher so that each pupil had the content as script for the developed lesson. The importance To plan before acting, to distribute the contents for the available time, is emphasized by Lebanon professor when it affirms that: The teaching action goes gaining effectiveness, to the measure that the professor goes accumulating and enriching experiences, when dealing with the concrete situations of education. This means that, to plan, the professor if serves, of a side, of the knowledge of the didactic processes and of the methodologies you specify of the substances and another one, of its proper practical experience (1991, P. 225). This cited material previously was constituted of a leaf where it was the text: ' ' What it is Filosofia' ' that he appears attached to the plan of lesson previously presented.

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