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BIG BANG – THIS ILLUSION EP KUTYAVIN, IGGD Sciences. eduard.kutyavin @ On the question of why the scatter of the galaxy, or rather, their clusters, most astrophysicists now give an unequivocal answer: they fly because the distant past, about 15-20 billion years ago, in the universe there was a grand explosion. The universe before the explosion was an incredible density -1091-1093 g / cm and no more than an electron. Although the cause of the explosion is not known to physicists in This theory appeals to the fact that, from some point in time, namely after 10-43 seconds. Credit: Ted Elliott-2011. when the temperature of the Universe was about 10 billion degrees, they are step by step, consistently, can trace the evolution of the P-T conditions in the universe, as well as its composition and, at any time up to the formation of galaxies. The discovery in 1965 by British physicists, Penzias and Wilson so-called 'background' radiation of the Universe – the remainder of the former state hot universe, it seems, has put the final point in favor of the Big Bang theory. It is believed that the isotropic radiation that fills the entire universe, and having a spectrum corresponding to Planck's formula at about 3 K, gives us reliable information about the distant past of the universe when its size was a thousand times smaller than now. As in his time, the hypothesis of redshift galaxies has allowed the British astrophysicist Milne call it Cosmological principle, and now, the Big Bang theory, confirmed the existence of a 'background' radiation, became known as the standard model.

UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin

UN conference is going on … The UN Conference on Climate Change, held on the Indonesian island of Bali for two weeks, adopted the Bali ‘roadmap’. This document is a general program of negotiating peace with the aim of adopting by 2009 a new international instrument to combat climate change to replace the Kyoto Protocol, which expires in 2012. However, for discussion and ratification by the parliaments of the world ‘Kyoto successor’ just need a minimum of three years, according to the UN. Active participation in the conference and Russia, which, together with Belarus and Ukraine have opened a headquarters UN on Tuesday evening, a joint exhibition “Chernobyl Seen by Children ‘, the representative of Russia to the UN mission, said the news as follows:” Our three countries share a common history with its glorious and tragic pages. From the first day of the Chernobyl disaster all the nations of the former Soviet Union did much to alleviate and eliminate the consequences of the accident and assist the affected population “, – said at the opening of permanent representative Russia’s UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin. An important issue at the conference was to review the proposed plan by the U.S. delegation to improve the climate. After long debate, the plan was flatly rejected by both delegations of the European States and representatives of leading international environmental organizatsiy.Po According to Washington, which has not signed the Kyoto Protocol, the issues of reducing emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere ‘must decide each country in accordance with their own plans.

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