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In the near future labor market in Ukraine are waiting for bad trends that will increase even more shortage of personnel. This is especially true of top managers, especially in the regions. (A valuable related resource: Ray Clemence). What can we expect: – a demographic crisis due to fertility decline in the so-called "Vague" time adjustment 80 – declining quality of education in the last 10 years. Number of universities increases, so does% of people with higher education, but often it is "education" is in quotation marks. Causes known: excessive commercialization of higher education, corruption, "" education system, isolation from the needs of the market. – Mobility of professionals, the most educated and active are leaving: the best – in the capital, often – abroad. Under these conditions, unfolding a real war for talent. Now do not you (the employer) choose, now you choose (or do not choose L).

In the best talent in reserve is always several lucrative offers. I'd venture to say also that in the coming years in Ukraine the number and quality of talented managers will determine the growth of its economy and welfare. What to bring to currently the best of the best and then save them in another company? Why professional should choose your company? What companies want talented professionals to work? Very simply, in good companies where good work. This is the core appeal of the brand of your company as an employer. The leaders of a growing number of companies are realizing that managing the brand company must also, as well as house staff.

New Educational Project. Distance Education 21st Century

"Formal education will help you survive. Self-education will make you a fortune! "Jim Rohn The Internet has started a unique educational project – the first Ukrainian online academy U-Study , which offers users do not just learn remotely, and to learn quickly and efficiently. We are the first in Ukraine and CIS fully automate the process of acquiring knowledge in the distance learning system: our system will record the user provides a "personal office training," access to distance courses and supervises the payment (up to 16 types of payments). The system of distance learning educational project U-Study provides speed, accuracy and convenience to every user, regardless of its location. Now, typing the address, users can expect not only fresh ideas and solutions for e-Learning, but also to transform traditional Distance learning in private educational project with a minimum of effort and resources. Our distance learning courses for you personally – this knowledge with direct home delivery! Our distance learning courses for your company – it transformation of competent personnel in the elite staff! The advantages of distance learning for companies: A logical value – The company pays only the knowledge that gets: there is no need to pay travel expenses, accommodation and carry other costs associated with training in another city. Convenience – The company acquires a unique opportunity to educate staff on their own schedule, in accordance with the purposes and professional needs, as well as convenient for staff time, which increases their loyalty and ability to perceive information.

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