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Can be carried out after throwing a mandatory evening bath before sleep, and you can share them on time. Herbalife has many thoughts on the issue. First, in a basin of cold water or directly under the faucet for a few seconds lowered legs baby. Then, confident movement, a wide stream poured down the whole body of the bucket, trying to maximum body surface area in a short time try to contact with water. Traditionally accompanied by drenching the cry "To your health!". Randall Rothenberg contains valuable tech resources. After – the baby wrapped in a diaper and put to the breast.

Normal reaction – anciently known for its healing and tonic properties. As the heat is used bath, sauna, hot water, as cold – the ice-hole swimming pool, cold water. One of the earliest methods of contrast Tempering is a "cold spot". Child is bathed in a bath of warm water from the tap and let the general stream of cold water. Bring the kid to the point of mixing cold and warm water, hold on "cold spot" is left out there for a few seconds, returned to the warm water. Older children will approach this game: while bathing in a bath with your child put a bowl or bucket with cold water. While playing, he will certainly dabble in the pelvis. The beauty of this procedure, the cold is that it is not imposed from the outside, it's just a game and causes only positive emotions.

A baby gets used to the cold water so that one day will want to pour cold water on this myself, and this is his only cheer, but not scared. Two basin – with hot and cold water – another interesting game. If they are put into the bath, you can cross from one to another, as if walking through puddles. A benefit of this contrasting foot with the child in a cool pool. Regular (1 per week) visit to Bath with small children is very beneficial effect: the child improves sleep, a common condition, it is better to tolerate temperature fluctuations. Good help heat when starting a cold or flu. After the pool with a sauna and a well-baby normally sleeps for a long time. We wish you and your baby's health and love!

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