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A team of dog and man turns, jumps and runs to the music and delighted the audience with great tricks, spectacular deposits and great Choreographies. The performance of the animals is in the foreground, though people may not place on the lazy skin. In the 1990s, DogDance developed simultaneously in the United States, in Canada and the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, the sport in Germany finds more and more followers. Any breed of dog (also a disabled dog) can learn to dance with the people.

Only requirements are good concentration and a very good binding to the dog handlers. DogDance is not a classic indoor dog sports; He can be trained anywhere, in between, and no equipment. In every corner, a place to the exercise. DogDance especially for family dogs and older dogs is also suitable. You can promote them wonderfully through the dance and request and still pay attention to their individual needs. “Who is the DDI? dog dance international e.V. DDI is a registered charity with the aim of dog sports dog dance” to make known internationally. It was established on November 14, 2009.

The aim of the founding members was the DogDancern a world-wide, to provide discrimination-free and barrier-free organizational structure without constricting the spontaneity, creativity and inventiveness of this dog sport. Borders is just the animal protection law and in particular the obligation to promote the health of man and dog, and maintain. DDI (dog dance international e.V.) developed the competition rules, educates judges and awards license issues. This license issues entitle Dogdancer to participate in tournaments, which are aligned according to the guidelines of the DDI. The members of the dog dance international e.V. to promote the Association through the membership fees and their voluntary participation in the semi-formal, management capabilities and time-limited projects. Each Member can participate in the discussion on the revision and further development of the competition rules, to the annual dog dance Convention takes part. Wishes and suggestions are previously submitted, discussed and voted or decided more measures. Once again many thanks to all sponsors (Monsterbande.de, Animonda, happy dog, Dehner Garden Center, Sameer, Wofbrause, Dogger.ch, dog and leisure, lucky pet, Nobby, Steinis PetShop, Mac BBs dog food, best food, flexi), without which such a tournament would be impractical. We are looking forward to the next tournament by Melanie Felix. Learn more about the dog dance at: more information (reports and videos) to the dog dance – tournament in Siek:. individual Hundeausbildung.de Matthias Beirer – DDI / public relations

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