VAZ Heater

Crane heater wha – a detail that is responsible for regulation of air temperature inside the car. Its use depends primarily on the model – so, VAZ-2108 is equipped with more and choke for air, and the VAZ-2110 vaz heater valve absent. However, car owners often set it further, or, conversely, modify or change. Crane heater wha opens or shuts off the engine coolant in the radiator heating the cabin. Because of this heated or cooled air entering the cabin.

The fact that the engine cooling system uses a special fluid (antifreeze), which reduces its temperature, heats itself. It is this already hot fluid is directed into the radiator heater compartment. This happens only when the valve heater wha opened. Otherwise, the valve shuts off the heater wha antifreeze in the radiator. How way it affects the air temperature? The radiator is connected not only to the engine cooling system, but also to the fan, aspirating air from the outside. If the valve heater wha opened, the air passing through the radiator, will heat from the antifreeze located there. Thus, the salon will go a flow of warm air.

If the valve heater wha is closed, the radiator the air is not heated, and, getting into a car, it will be cool. The more antifreeze heater valve passes the wha, the higher the temperature in the cabin. This principle is used in older models of the wha. Those who have more and choke (for example, the VAZ-2108 and VAZ-2109), regulate the temperature in a somewhat different manner. Along with the above-described crane heater wha works and damper, which determines the direction of air flow. When it is fully open, the air is directed into the radiator, which is already open valve heater wha. At full closed, the air goes directly into the cabin without getting into the radiator. It is also possible mixing flows: the part goes through the radiator, and some – from the outside. Crane heater wha and damper managed together. This means that in a closed throttle valve heater wha will not miss antifreeze in the heater, and when you open it starts to heat the air. In models where there is no crane wha heater, coolant from the engine is in the radiator constantly, and the entire temperature control is carried out only by a shutter.

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