Unclear Formulations

Uncertainties in terms of on the subject of transportation since 01.09.2010 has the Continentale insurance the comfort fare on the market. Striking during review of the conditions that is under the item 11 in general insurance conditions (stand 01.09.2010) the following to the point written transport: necessary transports are regarded as ambulance after an accident or disaster with a special ambulance to the and from the nearest doctor suitable according to medical criteria or hospital and prescribed rides to the and the dialysis, radiation, or chemotherapy in the nearest, setting up suitable according to medical criteria. Health insurance was followed by demand for the Continentale on June 11, 2010 a short statement via email. From the collective comfort, you will receive benefits for medically necessary transportation with a special ambulance to the nearest doctor or hospital. “Special medical vehicles” the firefighters and other relief organizations are ambulances, ambulance, ambulance and rescue helicopter. ts. The need for the Transport with one of these vehicles is linked to the necessity of special equipment. Only through a transport with a “special ambulance”, it is ensured that this will be carried out by appropriately trained personnel. The doctor, taking into account the medical indication makes the decision about the type of means of transport.

Public transport, taxis or private cars are no special medical vehicles. Telephone demand on September 30, 2010 that no security for the customer represents that statement, I was informed, that it trade include aircraft would. The request me as a broker a corresponding Erklraung in writing come to admit was rejected. If you take out an insurance, you look at precisely the conditions. Points should be not clearly defined or even absent, you personally pay for the costs incurred.

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