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However, if to come back a little in the time, we will know that the education in the distance had its beginning for 1900 return. In this occasion, the radio was used as educational tool, clearly in other countries. In Brazil, education in the distance only came to appear 39 years later, with the Institute Monitorial Radio (1939) and with Brazilian Universal institute (1941), Telecursos, amongst others, that until today are acting and have shown comprometimento with the Brazilian education. We are not here wanting to prove that this method of education is better or worse, in contrast, we only want to show that to the pupil it can usufruct the most varied study form, is enough to have a little of will force, organization and autonomy to study. We can perceive that it is so easy to have access sites of relationships; sites of research, games and other interests on the part of internautas, why not to bet in the universities that offer long-distance courses? We need together with to walk to the new features and advances that the globalization provides in them.

Already it is proven that the quality of education depends much more on the pupils, of the form as if they dedicate to the studies. Also already as much was proven that the universities that offer long-distance courses carry through a work of excellent quality, that is approved by the Ministry of the Education and Culture MEC. From there the importance to have a search in the official site of the MEC for ascertainment if the course that you desire to carry through is really registered. We remember that we do not have to only distrust of the courses online, but also of the actual ones, since all course demands a bureaucratic process entirely to be legal. A thing is certain, must be always intent.

Study it is serious thing. It is what it prepares in them for the world of the work and what of the meaning to our life. It is the study that in provides a comfortable life to them, therefore is by means of the studies that we acquire knowledge to surpass the obstacles that the life places to our front. Therefore, nothing better that to understand the process educational, to walk together with the progress. To distrust of the easinesses, however, not to leave to escape the chances. Independent of the Institution of education that you to choose to study or to indicate for somebody, verify if she is registered, if she possesss all the necessary documentations for its same functioning and will be all correct one in relation to the bureaucracy, goes more beyond, verifies if the Institution mainly has professionals compromissados with the Education and, if it has responsibility in helping the pupil to be independent in the construction of its knowledge and its formation as participativo citizen in the society of which it is part.

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