Destroy Coexistence

MEP Morten Hoglund consulted in your mobile if it was time to join the great concentration of revulsion to the massacre on Friday. Agglomeration grew beneath the Windows of the headquarters of the Party of progress (FRP), in the Centre of Oslo. The first sentences of Hoglund show that the leader of the right-wing party is an experienced politician: do Anders Breivik? Yes, was member of our party between 1999 and 2007?. But was a man shy and withdrawn, which prevented from recognizing the political ideas that would lead him to commit the double attack on Friday: Breivik, who led a local branch of the youth of the FRP in Oslo, has greatly radicalised since he left the party, to which Hoglund presents itself as a classical liberal party that has nothing to do with Finland populist movementsSweden or the Netherlands. Source of the news:: “Breivik will not destroy coexistence in Norway”

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