1 Luis Carlos Borges Dos Santos Educators who work with Formal and Not Formal Education has necessity to understand as if it learns, not only for the relationship with its educandos, but also in the direction to help respecting them the limits of each one. This assay has left of some reflections of authors who work in the perspective of the cognitiva learning. The texts on the genetic epistemologia and the construtivismo, of Piaget that he was one of the authors who studied these phases of cognitivo development of the human being. We can to find other authors who say on the genetic epistemologia as Vygotsky and Wallon, where all had been important, the work of Piaget is consecrated and also because it can help to understand in simpler way as the cognitivo development in the human beings occurs. We have more significant studies to assist in the agreement of the learning process. Such as: Ausubel, Novak, Palaces & Zambrano, Pelizzari, Moreira & Buchvyertz. Still on as if it learns we find in the texts and you say in them of educators a phrase: ‘ ‘ learnings significativas’ ‘ , what it will be significant learning and who brought these terms for the education? For the biggest agreement I go to direct the reflections to the studies of David Ausubel, related it with other authors.

Ausubel in 1968 considers a learning theory where education model is the transmission of contents. An important argument for a transmission methodology – reception is of that the biggest source of the knowledge is that one that is transmitted in them and not discovery for us. (Palaces & Zambrano, 1994) According to Palaces & Zambrano (1994) 2 apud Novak (1998, p.26) to learn significantly, the individual must search to relate the new knowledge to the excellent concepts and prepositions that already it dominates.

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