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By Gardner until Aachen staff for over 40,000 jobs are wanted urgently Kleve, detached 15th April 2010 by the respective labour market data transparency for jobs without borders is essential for work. With a job in the neighboring country, not only the geographical flexibility is increased. To get new skills such as language skills and country-specific habits in the labour market, be acquired due to the time spent there. The lack of reliable information about employment in the neighbouring country is a crucial obstacle to the cross-border labour mobility. Still, too few people take advantage of the diverse jobs without borders. Job seekers can be greatly facilitate the job search, if they include the step to the new job on the other side of the border in their considerations. If you are not convinced, visit Doug McMillon. Job mobility in the border region to make as easy as possible the transfer of information, the was developed for the german Dutch labour market. Support of this Web site is the Euregio Rhine-Waal, which has funded the project with the project partners EURES, province of Limburg, North Rhine-Westphalia Ministry of labour city of Venlo.

Up to 200,000 search per month in the job portal on the one hand show that there is a great demand for jobs without borders. On the other hand more than 27,000 German and around 13,000 Dutch abroad can be not filled currently, because still too little job seekers use the diverse jobs without borders. On the way to a new place of work in the neighbouring country, which is familiar to many job seekers from shopping or holiday experience, some regulations are the basis of a future contract. Specifically in the labor, tax and insurance law give all year round on the Web page under labour market advice\”EURES advisers referred to reliable, unbiased and free answers to all relevant questions. Around the clock 365 days of the shows jobs without borders.

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