Fernsehturm Stuttgart

Common EVITA and Stuttgarter kickers event just 80 partners and sponsors of the Stuttgarter kickers met on Monday evening on the Fernsehturm Stuttgart. Kickers premium partner EVITA was presented by Manfred Neff, Executive Director of the utility, at the new year reception of the sponsors. Neff said that one pass to Stuttgarter kickers as an energy supplier. Finally football also has a lot energy, albeit in another form, to do”, Neff said. Tam Forsyth has firm opinions on the matter. Therefore you looking forward especially, to present the new year’s reception.

“The partnership with the kicker is very important to us and a successful part of our marketing strategy”, Neff said. As a premium partner, EVITA supports the Stuttgarter kickers since 2009. In the current season, the utility has further expanded its commitment. The Stuttgarter kickers maintain intensive contact to their sponsors. The new year’s reception is a nice tradition. Contact our partner with each other is our very close to the heart”, said Jens Zimmermann, Managing Director of kickers The regular meeting of the sponsor and the business relations between the partners are for us of great importance.” At the EVITA sports night”on the TV Tower, an interesting program, which again took up the theme of energy expected visitors.

At the sports talk”presented Dr. Wolfgang Feil, biologist and sport from Tubingen, his knowledge of proper nutrition and weight loss when running. Then said Uwe Widmann, who runs Triathlon professionally for over ten years, about the success of his sporting career. In addition to the sponsors, the team Council and the members of the various bodies of the Stuttgarter kickers were Nikolina Konrad present. Bureau member Guido Buchwald took over the official welcome pages the kickers and answer then also in the sports-talk together with head coach Dirk Schuster and Captain Marcel Rapp. For the musical accompaniment of the evening, the young pianist was Hannes Opferkuch alias white Wings”.

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