Several families with young children, they sincerely believed that these rumors – malicious gossip of my enemies. They arrived at weekend to barbecue, swim in the pool and pick me up. Just imagine how I felt! After all, I had to myself to tell them that swim in my pool – is dangerous to health. I had myself kill the dream of the pool But to see how my friends are going to get into the water, though beautiful to look at, but actually infested by microbes (I saw some people swimming in it!), I could not. I had to admit that the most egregious rumors that they know – the truth. Of course, my friends supported me and tried to cheer me all weekend.

But I was not happy: I was very ashamed of what I have built such a horrible pool that did not risking it climb, and that allows other people to bathe in it. All this makes me very unhappy. Meanwhile, winter has come, and the question to the pool once went by the wayside. I repaired the hotel, rested and looking for a variety of information about concrete bowls. I went to a few firms, which claimed that build a new concrete pool, processed seams special "antimicrobial" means Honestly, I do not believe it. But he decided that he attempted something to do with the old pools, and waited for spring. But nature has destroyed all my plans. Because when it got warm and I poured water from the basins, was horrified: all the walls were cracked bowl, and some pieces fell off, and even more so.

Mosaic povypadala, and the film somehow and slid to one side is completely bare concrete walls of the bowl. Looking at this, I realized that my concrete pool came to an end. The most terrible enemy of the concrete was water, which just broke the bowl. Penetrating into the pores of the pool, it leached concrete. Restore the pool had no meaning. I ordered to bury the two bowls, which, incidentally, is also worth a lot. Slowly the hotel was filled with guests, who either have not heard terrible stories about swimming pools, or do not want to believe her. Gradually, everything fell into place, except one: I still like to have a pool. I do not believe that concrete pools – it's the only way out After all, if you look at the map of Europe, in the eyes and dazzled by the blue waters of the islands. I do not believe that every owner of bowls is suffering the same way as I do with my concrete monsters. So I'm going to Europe to unravel the secret these basins. And if I succeed (and I'm sure), I will build your own pool is not for the headaches, and for recreation and fun!

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