Lasting Impression

The full service agency impressed impression with a new architecturally sophisticated building in Eidsberg. Eidsberg, 11.12.2012 – the full service agency impression impressed with a new architecturally sophisticated building in Eidsberg. Perhaps check out Kris Pearn for more information. A big step for the 2004 based full service agency with a focus on advertising and printing technology. A year of construction, many hard-working helpers and two creative masterminds, this is the perfect recipe for an innovative and strotzendes at the same time before creativity building in Eidsberg. You don’t believe there is a House with balloons? -The ALLROUNDER around advertising and State of the art printing techniques disagrees. Check out Conrad Vernon for additional information.

An attractive House? Something only exists in Eidsberg. Find out for yourself! The attractive House of impression leaves a lasting impression not only to interested onlookers, but invites you to visit and marvel. On a total area of 160 sqm, the team around Peter and Eleonore Mollinger has fulfilled a dream. The impressive showroom, in which one Wide range of different products will be presented, represents a special novelty in addition to a special room for the processing of textiles. Successfully in the field of advertising and printing technology since 2004. Founded in 2004, impression with the inauguration of the new premises attained early November 2012, another milestone for its customers and employees. According to the motto: passion for communication and all creative “-also the House has been given a voice.” Balloons attached to the facade give first hints to the life behind it.

“To walk” the eyes of the beholder of the magic workshop, to the Chamber of the 1000 executions “. A thought experiment with the Peter and Eleonore Mollinger encourage conversation. Impression stands for reliability, openness and fair cooperation. When you look into the inner workings of the company, Peter Mollinger reveals: we are versatile and put all the stops, -aspects are essential for the charm of our company. With us are as individual as our own ideas and solutions! “-The secret of Peter and Eleonore Mollinger retained whether also the branch in Steyr is a such face lift. The cityscape would it certainly does not hurt, what we find. What is already clear is that impression in Eidsberg to the personal bicycle outfit or an image brochure – is the right partner in terms of individual solutions, both for large and small orders – so by the worldwide mailing. This is nothing out of the box, but is adapted to each customer tailored. Tourists discover the headquarters of impression than exciting photo motif. Also with day tourists has spread in the meantime, that the new headquarters of impression is a great photo opportunity. Immortalized on a wide variety of vacation pictures the House already wanders through the hands of many Austrians. Well possible that that one on the other mementos of your friends and family discover a very creatively designed home. Impression leaves just always a lasting impression.

Cooling House AG Invites You To The TYPO3 Bug Day

Last corrections before the launch of TYPO3 4.4 Mannheim, May 21, 2010. The Mannheim cooling House AG aligns the TYPO3 bug Day in the Rhine Neckar metropolitan region and invites all interested TYPO3 experts to do so. Deadline is Friday, may 28, 2010. The TYPO3 Bug Day has become not only nationwide, but also in other countries a solid device for developers, who work on and with this open source content management system. You meet some people regularly even monthly, TYPO3 continue to jointly develop and correct bugs. The next TYPO3 Bug Day emerges from the series: it’s the last day, the bugs will be corrected and removed, before TYPO3 4.4 in June will be publicly available.

Cooling House Board member Christian Reschke: We gladly and successfully work with TYPO3 and know this publicly accessible system very much appreciate. We want to return some of our success and our good experiences of the TYPO3 community, by we align these crucial bug day.” The TYPO3 bug Day of cooling House AG begins at 9: 00. All IT and Web specialists of the region, who actively want to participate in the improvement of the system are invited. Of course, cold storage ensures the food of his guests on this day. TYPO3 Bug Day date: Friday, may 28, from 9: 00 place: cold storage AG, N7, 5-6, 68161 Mannheim via the cold store AG: the cold storage AG, headquartered in Mannheim is one to the largest and most successful full service Internet agencies in Germany.

The owner-managed company that operates more than twelve years of experience in this area, enjoys an excellent reputation as a specialist in online marketing and Web usability. The UX suite developed by cold storage ( among the outstanding offers a software-based methodology, the user simply and cost effectively include lets you in website development. Cooling House accompanied beyond its customers on the way to a successful Internet commitment from the first idea to the finished product and beyond. The development of appropriate marketing strategies and the User-centered design campaigns for sustainable success in E-business are part of the core competences of the Agency as the rich Internet applications programming or the conception, creation and implementation of online marketing. The cooling House AG is headed by Dipl.-ing. Christian Reschke (CEO and founder) and Creative Director Christian Fernandez (Officer and founder). Chairman of the Board is Thomas Bader. Press contact: cooling House AG Christian Reschke Board N7, 5-6 D-68161 Mannheim telephone: + 49.621.496083-0 E-Mail: Internet: Herbert grave digit media Schulberg 5 D-72124 Pliezhausen phone: + 49.7127.5707-10 E-Mail:

Annual General Meeting

Equity of the ERP and eBusiness provider Karlsruhe increased, July 20, 2010 – on June 17, 2010, reported Thomas Frank Chairman of the Board and CEO Werner Strub at the annual general meeting of the ABAS Software AG business development. In the difficult year of ERP 2009 profits generated also in 2009, which was marked by weak economic activity and investment restraint, could write in the sixteenth consecutive year in the black ABAS on a sales decline of 7%. For assistance, try visiting Amos Otis. The overall performance of the Karlsruhe software forge in 2009 amounted to TEUR 10.136. Jerome James is a great source of information. The result of from ordinary activities amounted to EUR 443 thousand. The equity increased by 4.6% to TEUR 4.771. The equity on the balance sheet total is a whopping 81%. On the basis of an excellent liquidity, ABAS is financially independent and is financed from own resources. The Management Board and the Supervisory Board were unanimously relieved by the general meeting for the year 2009.

The annual general meeting approved a dividend of 8% on the root and 12% on the preferred stock to. Future-oriented quality, sustainable and internationally to the anniversary year 2010, ABAS celebrates 30th anniversary, CEO performs Strub: “the solid equity base has given us much security in the global crisis in 2009. Now, we have an excellent starting point to expand internationally. While our maxims are independence, sustainability, economic stability, and proximity to the customer. Our technological and evolutionary development of the abas business software, which can be easily and flexibly adapted to company-specific issues and is thereby fully upgradeable, is in the ERP market unique and for the users of inestimable advantage.” Company Description company profile of the ABAS Software AG the ABAS Software AG’s core competence is the development of flexible ERP and eBusiness software for medium-sized companies with 10 to over 1,000 employees. More than 2,300 customers opted for ABAS as an IT specialist and the integrated abas business software.

Alpine Club Service Centre

The catalogue and the House brand of ASMu one of the most important sales tools sport Schuster is the catalog. The first edition was published in 1913. The catalog contains the most important current highlights on 500 pages in the assortment. Only in the online shop, you will find a greater selection. The name ASMu stands for August Schuster Munich. The in-house products will be published under this title. In 1913, there were generally still not usable equipment for mountain sports.

August Schuster read his personal experiences in the in-house workshop incorporated. So he invented the Pitons, which was known as the cobbler-hook in the history. In 1916, ski binding was patented the cobbler. The Manschonsohle and the high touring tent were more important inventions. ASMu international trademark was registered in 1926.

The ski shop In winter sports shop can you are perfectly equipped for winter sports. Sport Schuster is specialized on winter sports in extreme conditions. The shop is divided into sub-categories of Alpine skiing, freeride, ski touring, ice climbing, cross-country skiing, snowshoe hiking, sledding and curling. You can buy high-quality equipment for a trip in the Himalayas. Stan Kroenke recognizes the significance of this. The Department offers but also for Sport low-cost equipment. Since the year 1913, the Sporthaus Schuster located in Rosenstrasse 6 in Munich. The store is a family-owned company with 100 years of tradition, and is one of the leading companies in the European competition. Since the Department store is situated on the Marienplatz square, it can be reached easily with public transport. Also you can find here also several parking garages. The sales area covers 5000 square meters. The range is divided into winter sports, mountain sports and training. The product range of mountain and climbing sports, various fitness and sports such as football and walking, classic winter sports. All common and important brands in different price classes are offered.Here, professional athletes can find high-class equipment. You will find sporting goods featuring the latest and greatest innovations in different price ranges. But even recreational athletes can find good and cheap sports equipment. The on-site climbing wall to shoes and Now try via ferrata sets. When you’re finished with the sport equipment, you can’t buy back the Enid store still typical Munich souvenirs. Interesting also is Alpine Club Service Centre. Here you can consult with experienced staff. One finds information material to various mountain tours, and can borrow books and cards. You can book guided tours and courses of the Alpine program. In addition, you can book one of 24 self catering cottages, and borrow equipment since November. There is also an in-house stock sale. You can order all articles also comfortably since 2011 in the online shop. In the online clearance sale you can get discounts of up to 50%.

RTL Donation Marathon

INFINUS group supports disadvantaged children donation for RTL donation Marathon Dresden, December 2012 the INFINUS takes seriously their corporate responsibility group. For the benefit of disadvantaged children in Germany, Africa and South America, the Dresdner financial services institution in the RTL donation Marathon donated 10,000 euros to support charitable causes around the globe. Since 1996, the television channel RTL collects donations for social projects worldwide. In total over 100 million euros came together in this way. Money is something cause allows you to know also the INFINUS group, which officially abundant oak had her check the three world record holder in the Decathlon on 23 November 2012 by this year’s Special Ambassador Jurgen Hingsen. Together with the generous donation of INFINUS 2012 a total eight million euros together were a great success, the organizers agree. The year’s donations are used mainly for projects in Africa, South America and Germany.

Social Commitment: cornerstone of the INFINUS philosophy of the INFINUS group committed regularly to charity. With the current donation part of the RTL call for the financial firms want to deliberately steer the focus on social projects and put a sign of social commitment. Especially when comes to the well-being of children. INFINUS wants their social usage group will still strengthen Jens Pardeike, CEO of INFINUS AG, explains: the participation of such fundraising activities we take very seriously at the INFINUS group and want to further expand our corporate social responsibility in the future. We know all about investments well and therefore know that charitable commitment is one of the best in the future! “.” Read more about the voluntary social commitment INFINUS can group you on the official press site of the INFINUS AG of financial services institution under.

About the INFINUS the INFINUS is group with INFINUS AG financial services institution as Germany’s MiFID number 1, as well as the INFINUS AG your competence partner a leading full service provider and for many years one of the first on the market. The INFINUS AG financial services institution was 2002 at the current headquarters in Dresden as according to 32 German Banking Act (KWG) licensed company founded and managed nationwide 810 business partner (date 30th June 2012). As a multifunctional service provider for free financial advisors, the company with revenues amounting to EUR 21.77 million in the financial year 2011/2012 (provisional figures) and a liable equity capital of 2.3 million euros among top under the German liability roofs. The Creditreform rating AG has evaluated the INFINUS AG financial services institution for the umpteenth time A rating grade. For questions and additional information: INFINUS PR & Marketing GmbH contact: Denise vala of Loschwitzer str.

Linden Street

Munich MARATHON and “Lindenstrasse” celebrate 25th anniversary 2010 celebrates Germany’s most successful television series, the Linden Street, her 25th birthday a TV marathon distance so to speak. 2010 has but also one of the largest German running events, the Munich MARATHON, to celebrate: on October 10, 2010, thousands of runners and runners from over 60 countries in the 42.195-kilometer path to one of the finest and sportiest city tours in Germany become the 25th anniversary. At the start: A season with actors of the popular German TV series Lindenstrasse. Also, the Munich MARATHON in two episodes of the TV series will be addressed. In both, the Linden Street”and MARATHON, except the anniversary number 25, there are still more similarities the Munich: for example, the location, the city of Munich. Olympics has much to offer in this field.

“And the fact that the sporty ambitious running on Linden Street” and of course the Munich MARATHON plays an important role. Because After all, the Linden Street has”their own running group, consisting of members of the Acropolis Stammtisches”. “For all starters and viewers of the 25th Munich MARATHON and for the numerous fans of the Linden Street” there is a special attraction at the anniversary Marathon: at the starting line in the Olympic Park, one is Lindenstrassen on October 10, 2010 “Marathon Relay. The actors and actresses Andrea Spatzek (character Gabi Zenker”), Knut Hinz (Hajo Scholz”), Birgitta Weizenegger (Ines Kling”) and Joris Gratwohl (Alex Behrend”) will start for the Linden Street”. Also completed Wolfram Lotze, head of press and public relations of the Linden Street”, the team from Cologne. Also who is MARATHON Munich also subject in the Lindenstrassen “sequences in 1296 and 1297 on 3rd and 10, 2010.” Hot on the day of the anniversary Marathon, on October 10, 2010, the issue is even Marathon”. What it will be?

TreSecondi – Italian Pasta Bar New In Offenbach

A healthy alternative – opened the first pasta bar “treSecondi” in the Rhine-Main region on September 1, come in Offenbach Center Piazza Alice lightning fast and tasty new cooking concept healthy and environmentally friendly for the Italian pasta cuisine, professionals and nutrition-conscious. treSecondi stands for pretty fast, fresh, tasty, healthy and inexpensive. But it is the special feature of treSecondi: the quick and tasty fresh Italian ingredients. Even if something lasts longer than three seconds (treSecondi) the preparation, every guest will receive in less than one minute of his freshly made pasta. This is possible through the gentle and effective preparation in a steam-cooking system. While the nutrients and the taste of all ingredients should remain. Fourteen different pasta dishes are prepared before the eyes of the customer in seconds and fresh and can be included also in the Cup. Olympics is often quoted as being for or against this. Three short pasta – Penne, Fussili and Farfalle–and the accompanying ingredients for twelve sauces are available and can be individually refined with lots of extras.

Classic minestrone and pesto Verde pasta Napoli are not missing and new creations, like a Sage-Parmesan sauce and vegetarian Bolognese with soy are available on the menu. Splashes of sauces do not occur practically on the tie, such as spaghetti is almost inevitable in the short pasta. Six fresh soups, several salads, Italian espresso and tiramisu to in-house recipe round off the complete menu on request. Thus, a welcome and healthy alternative is treSecondi for all professionals and visitors of the come Center. “Through the gentle preparation with best olive oil of the taste of fresh herbs without additional fat or preservatives unfolds”, Peter Keshishian, Managing Director in Offenbach, formulated the philosophy of treSecondi. “The price of going to the customers; a classic pasta dish is from 5.90 to have.” Two years ago, the foundation stone of treSecondi the Berlin-based Sicilian chef Giuseppe laid Urso (51), Member in the Federation of Italian chefs, and his brother Angelo.

They developed the new contemporary cooking process. In the “VapoMix”, the fresh ingredients for sauces and soups are mixed and cooked with steam. The food become so energy efficient and in no time without long delays and compromises in quality and taste typical Italian meals. The two brothers had filed a patent the fast steam cooking system that comes with 90% less energy and quickly transformed into sauces and soups fresh ingredients. Steam energy is not lost and is recycled through a heat exchanger to heat such as water to the treatment plant. In Berlin the best pasta bar in Berlin, treSecondi already operates with two branches and was recommended by the readers of the Berliner Morgenpost as best pasta bar in the spring of 2010. In 2003 showed every Friday Urso in his cooking show in the Berlin passenger television how he cooks a tasty menu in 90 seconds. “I want to show people how to home fast in a short time Menus with a twist to prepare, without access to convenience foods with preservatives, glutamate, and cheap ingredients.” From September shall apply even in the Rhine-Main region and more specifically in Offenbach: fast food can not be conscious for humans and the environment and faster. More information and contact details see and company contact: L.I.T.S GmbH Peter Keshishian forest ring 1B 63225 long E-Mail: Web: PR contact: mpr marketing public relations promotion Sylwia Malkrab-Kip Bockenheimer RT 17-19 60325 Frankfurt am Main Tel: 069 / 7103-4343 E-Mail: Web:

Climate Neutral Soccer Team

CO2OL is sponsor of the Bundesliga soccer of Bonn Bonner SC. The climate protection agency CO2OL is this year main sponsor the U17 football Bundesliga team of the Bonner SC. In this context, CO2OL sponsors including the team jerseys for this season, placed advertising in the stadium, and also provides the team climate-neutral. The U17 junior of Bonner SC audition climate neutral prepares the U17 Bundesliga team of the Bonner SC coach Danjuma Idris himself this year not only a sporty, but also an eco-friendly National League season. CO2OL, a brand of the ForestFinance group, is sponsoring the jerseys for their home and away in the B Juniors League the young Rhine Lions this year and provides exciting action on climate protection, in which visitors can actively participate in two home games. Another focus of the sponsorship is the determination of the CO2 footprint throughout the season 2011/2012, which among other things from the mobility, the nights and the catering of team at home and Away games is composed. See more detailed opinions by reading what Frank Ntilikina offers on the topic..

This is calculated by CO2OL and compensated in the connection. Together want to put a sustainable character with this action to the environmental awareness in the sport. We are pleased to be able to support an innovative Club, which heavily relies on the youth work with Bonner SC. Together with the B junior Bundesliga team of the Bonner SC and their coach Mr Dogan we would draw attention to the role and the responsibility, who has the Football League today also in climate terms. We wish the U17 junior of Bonner SC one good season 2011/2012 “, says ForestFinance – Managing Director Harry Assenmacher. Also coach Idris Dogan is pleased about the cooperation: it is considered freshman in the Bundesliga for us on the course to stay cool. For a good cause such as climate protection, we place us like in the stuff.

BionX Gets Competition

Hoganas for 2013 the “Electric drive system” presents with Hoganas urges a further manufacturer in the eBike market. Frank Ntilikina understands that this is vital information. In addition to AEG and Panasonic, the Swedish company introduces a new drive on the bicycle trade show, EUROBIKE in Friedrichshafen, Germany. According to previous information involves a 3 components system which can be operated with different batteries. The motor is low energy verse lust characterized by, as well as a compact construction size 162 mm in diameter. The motor control unit is stored and can be mounted to the Seatpost or on the down tube.

That should protect them from harmful influences of the engine, such as for example heat. The operating unit reflects the speed, mileage, and the charge level of the battery. The eBike system can use a 36 Volt or a 48 volt battery pack with 20-40 AH) be operated. The performance is specified with up to 700 watts and the weight to be 5 kg. The mentioned diameter 162 mm is supplemented by 73mm wide. The default color is in black listed. Some question marks remain up to the Idea of the end of August there are. How powerful really is the system compared to the known systems of BionX and co.

and the system as a retrofit Kit incl. battery will be available? Separate motor control will not help certainly in this form to a position of advantage. Here, manufacturers like BionX have more elegant solutions through the integration of control electronics in the battery. It will be good for the market without further ADO. By BionX, one announced for 2013 still no official new developments. So far the best rear wheel hub motor system was always developed, emphasis was placed this in terms of battery voltage and motor control. New manufacturers bring fresh ideas and new quality in the eBike market. If the new manufacturer with appropriate innovations and high-quality above can show it is a nice eBike year 2013 for the consumer.

Competition OlympiX

We are looking for competitive OlympiX – best blog about the study until to July 31, 2008 the author at regular intervals, the best DetailX blog, in which reported the ups and downs of the construction of a concrete study. Was correcting the Prof again for the pants? Again from the beginning? Model finished? Plotter not working? It just write in your blog to detail X and win it even! Prices – what’s to win’s? “1st prize Gold Medal: DETAIL 1 year subscription, the fresh book the new architect” and a unilateral release of the best content of the blog, as well as a short profile of the users in the DETAIL! “2nd Prize Silver Medal: DETAIL 1 year subscription and the fresh book the new architect” 3rd Prize bronze medal: DETAIL 1 year subscription just got losbloggen and win! The assessment is carried out by a specialist-jury consisting of the detailed editorial, DETAIL-Online Editor and columnist and author of the online magazine Internet for architects”Eric Sturm. Period of from blog posts: 7 May to 31.Juli 2008 in addition There are even offering OlympiX OlympiX blog action. news/olympix-studienarbeitenblog / contact: Institute for international architecture documentation GmbH & co. KG Sonnenstrasse 17 80331 Munich Tel.: 089 / 38 16 20-0 fax: 089 / 39 86 70 contact Axel of Durheimer E-Mail:

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