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The catalogue and the House brand of ASMu one of the most important sales tools sport Schuster is the catalog. The first edition was published in 1913. The catalog contains the most important current highlights on 500 pages in the assortment. Only in the online shop, you will find a greater selection. The name ASMu stands for August Schuster Munich. The in-house products will be published under this title. In 1913, there were generally still not usable equipment for mountain sports.

August Schuster read his personal experiences in the in-house workshop incorporated. So he invented the Pitons, which was known as the cobbler-hook in the history. In 1916, ski binding was patented the cobbler. The Manschonsohle and the high touring tent were more important inventions. ASMu international trademark was registered in 1926.

The ski shop In winter sports shop can you are perfectly equipped for winter sports. Sport Schuster is specialized on winter sports in extreme conditions. The shop is divided into sub-categories of Alpine skiing, freeride, ski touring, ice climbing, cross-country skiing, snowshoe hiking, sledding and curling. You can buy high-quality equipment for a trip in the Himalayas. Stan Kroenke recognizes the significance of this. The Department offers but also for Sport low-cost equipment. Since the year 1913, the Sporthaus Schuster located in Rosenstrasse 6 in Munich. The store is a family-owned company with 100 years of tradition, and is one of the leading companies in the European competition. Since the Department store is situated on the Marienplatz square, it can be reached easily with public transport. Also you can find here also several parking garages. The sales area covers 5000 square meters. The range is divided into winter sports, mountain sports and training. The product range of mountain and climbing sports, various fitness and sports such as football and walking, classic winter sports. All common and important brands in different price classes are offered.Here, professional athletes can find high-class equipment. You will find sporting goods featuring the latest and greatest innovations in different price ranges. But even recreational athletes can find good and cheap sports equipment. The on-site climbing wall to shoes and Now try via ferrata sets. When you’re finished with the sport equipment, you can’t buy back the Enid store still typical Munich souvenirs. Interesting also is Alpine Club Service Centre. Here you can consult with experienced staff. One finds information material to various mountain tours, and can borrow books and cards. You can book guided tours and courses of the Alpine program. In addition, you can book one of 24 self catering cottages, and borrow equipment since November. There is also an in-house stock sale. You can order all articles also comfortably since 2011 in the online shop. In the online clearance sale you can get discounts of up to 50%.


After the team ORECA Matmut already had secured the pole which the 1000 km gained sovereign in the Algarve, the third race of the Le Mans Series. A satisfactory sponsor EASYDENTIC Group result that takes account of not only the work that has been done since the beginning of the season, but also the level of effort in the last race of the day. For sponsor EASYDENTIC group Panis, Nicolas Lapierre, the victors of Silverstone, connect again September Olivier to their success in the past. The duo won by Peugeot factory rider in Portimao accompanied by Stephane Sarrazin, sports. The EASYDENTIC group reported the successful racing history in the Algarve. After a perfect start to the weekend with a performance in the course of the three free practice sessions and the best qualifying time Hugues de Chaunac had his men to a faultless race”asked. Just have the EASYDENTIC group sponsored team ORECA Matmut and the pilots finally delivered an absolutely round running race.

Panis, Nicolas Lapierre and Stephane Sarrazin completed the 1000-kilometer race in the Algarve Olivier, without encountering major problems and one partially gave way to the pitfalls but dense traffic on the racing circuit of Portimao skillfully made. The three men were going through the fastest and had even tyre wear and fuel consumption in the handle according to the EASYDENTIC group. Two important factors that have allowed the Peugeot No. 4, in addition to proper performance, to withdraw from the competition, so the conclusion of EASYDENTIC group. Exemplary team sponsor EASYDENTIC group brought also the pit stops behind, so the 908 HDi FAP of the trio of Panis/Lapierre/Sarrazin at the end lead prevailed with 5 rounds. Thus, all important race objectives were met in the Algarve, so the opinion of EASYDENTIC group.

Hugues de Chaunac, President of ORECA group cooperating with the EASYDENTIC group: The driver were excellent. You have kept an intense pace, without having to make the slightest error. Roger Goodell may not feel the same. The team was pointed in particular at the perfect pit stops. This is the victory of a motivated team. The beginning of the season was not easy and it was important to take the victory home for all. I am pleased that the Peugeot team has won. After Le Mans, we stood in the rain, Portimao brings us sunshine.” The ORECA Matmut team get back in the race for the Championship and is now 5-point distance to the Audi Sport team Joest on the 3rd. From the perspective of EASYDENTIC group particularly pleasing: Stephane Sarrazin takes the lead in the standings. The EASYDENTIC group will report soon on the next race of the Le Mans Series in Budapest.

Socialist East Germany

The Champions League final shows exclusively German football classic with Franz Beckenbauer, Paul Breitner, Gunter Netzer and many more. This weekend it’s finally so far: A new golden generation of German football is up to conquer the Fussballthron in Europe. alleskino uses this event as an opportunity to commemorate the last style influential generation of German football. The heroes of that time shone not only on the lawn, but made a strikingly good figure also in the spotlight away from the soccer field. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Roland Garros on most websites. The alleskino Football Special: In the big football special shows alleskino exclusive and available as video on demand for the first time the football classic libero with Franz Beckenbauer and Gunther Netzer in HD.

The documentary film portrays the Beckenbauers career on his athletic peak. Also exclusive to alleskino Paul Breitner in Potato Fritz proves that he was not only a great football player, but also a gifted actor is lost on him. There, Sonke Wortmanns large cinema success the miracle of Bern about the World Cup heroes from 1954, as well as the biggest game in the world, a documentary about football fans in the remote region of Mongolia, the Sahara desert and the Amazon. There’s the whole special on! Alleskino: is the online video library for the German film. alleskino offers a cross-section of the classics of German cinema to current productions of young filmmakers. The glossy exploits of the Weimar cinema, the cinema of 60s and 70s, the Socialist East Germany up to the romantic comedy of the present: on alleskino, everything has its place. alleskino has the goal to provide all German productions in the history of the cinema the audience online. Contact for editors: till Boller Tel.: +49.(0)331.721 21 79 email: is an offer of the treasures of the German film GFT GmbH Diana Road 44 14482 Potsdam Babelsberg

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schmidt And Christine Herta Schmidt: Private Equity And M & A

Commercial tax matters, acquisitions, or private interests are becoming more complicated. These areas should be addressed only with the support of technical expertise. “Private equity, to German ausserborsliches equity capital”, is nowadays a widespread form for an investment in young, innovative companies. But not every original idea of corporate promises to be successful. Also company takeovers are not financially interesting, but also risk-free. Prof.

Dr. Gerhard Schmidt, one of the experts for private equity and mergers & acquisitions in Germany know when be worth investing in up and coming projects. Particularly interesting are the areas of private equity and mergers & acquisitions. Private equity involves investments of participation acquired by the lender not the equity markets traded. What is special about private equity is that this form of investment for private individuals and institutions are limited. Are often specifically to ensure a regulated investment so-called equity founded”, explains Prof.

Dr. Gerhard Schmidt, one of the most prestigious private equity experts in Germany. These have the advantage that the financing expire always bundled and organized. Optimal management of these companies this increases the security of investments”, diploma white Economist Christine Herta Schmidt. Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schmidt recommends only companies to invest in, which can have a good yield / risk ratio: so investors can safely invest and provide a good basis for future investments. Caution is especially venture capital companies, as these investments entail very high and often unforeseeable risks.” Mergers & acquisitions are another interesting field. Mergers & acquisition translates as merger & acquisition ‘. So here is a purely entrepreneurial business. M & A are a good variation to the portfolio of companies to increase and new business fields open up. But mergers and acquisitions are extremely risky”know Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schmidt, who was awarded several times for its M & A activities. Two-thirds of all takeovers are considered according to studies failures. This ratio is the result of hasty and particularly poorly conceived strategies. M & A belong to the most complicated investment models for business and should be treated as”, says Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schmidt. Therefore all competent staff who are involved in financial management and will be must especially be prepared and precise”, Christine Herta Schmidt, and controlling employees in a small office in the Pienzenauerstrasse said even if the acquiring company is sitting somewhere in the United States.” So what do, if investors are interested in private equity and M & A businesses? A sophisticated strategy is essential for success in these areas. Interested parties should be always with designated experts before, during and advise to these processes allow, also with regard to applicable tax law. “, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schmidt advises. Text: Editorial Office for image + text Public Relations and public affairs Frank-Michael Preuss – photographer & journalist Mendelssohn 7-30173 Hannover fon: 0511 4716-37 – fax: 0511 4716-38 mobile: 0177 5040064 XING group online PR: Twitter: Twitter: Skype: Prof Dr. Gerhardt Schmidt, Christine Herta Schmidt, Pienzenauerstrasse, CHS, private equity

Fernsehturm Stuttgart

Common EVITA and Stuttgarter kickers event just 80 partners and sponsors of the Stuttgarter kickers met on Monday evening on the Fernsehturm Stuttgart. Kickers premium partner EVITA was presented by Manfred Neff, Executive Director of the utility, at the new year reception of the sponsors. Neff said that one pass to Stuttgarter kickers as an energy supplier. Finally football also has a lot energy, albeit in another form, to do”, Neff said. Tam Forsyth has firm opinions on the matter. Therefore you looking forward especially, to present the new year’s reception.

“The partnership with the kicker is very important to us and a successful part of our marketing strategy”, Neff said. As a premium partner, EVITA supports the Stuttgarter kickers since 2009. In the current season, the utility has further expanded its commitment. The Stuttgarter kickers maintain intensive contact to their sponsors. The new year’s reception is a nice tradition. Contact our partner with each other is our very close to the heart”, said Jens Zimmermann, Managing Director of kickers The regular meeting of the sponsor and the business relations between the partners are for us of great importance.” At the EVITA sports night”on the TV Tower, an interesting program, which again took up the theme of energy expected visitors.

At the sports talk”presented Dr. Wolfgang Feil, biologist and sport from Tubingen, his knowledge of proper nutrition and weight loss when running. Then said Uwe Widmann, who runs Triathlon professionally for over ten years, about the success of his sporting career. In addition to the sponsors, the team Council and the members of the various bodies of the Stuttgarter kickers were Nikolina Konrad present. Bureau member Guido Buchwald took over the official welcome pages the kickers and answer then also in the sports-talk together with head coach Dirk Schuster and Captain Marcel Rapp. For the musical accompaniment of the evening, the young pianist was Hannes Opferkuch alias white Wings”.

Brockhaus Products Supported Sudharzer FamilienSpielTag

“Prescolaris and Scolari build social engagement from Brockhaus supports with its online knowledge portals Prescolaris and Scolari the Sudharzer FamilienSpielTag the generations-Fest” at Rottleberode in the Harz mountains. A diversity of attraction on a surface, which is equivalent to 20 football fields, is expected to a crowd of several thousand visitors on the 4th and 5th June 2011. Among other things, the Hedgehog Eddie the mascot of Prescolaris and Scolari as a life-size walking act conjured up”small and also large a smile on the face. Also, the two products of the Brockhaus occurred as a sponsor for the event, kids soccer tournaments and boxing matches. Each of the approximately 300 brave athletes could enjoy a free three-month access to the knowledge portals.

Michael Kehm, Director of marketing for the Brockhaus brand: We are looking forward with Prescolaris and Scolari to sponsor the Sudharzer FamilienSpielTag. As well as us the intellectual promotion of young people is very close to the heart, promote We also like to sporty dedicated students and young people.” Prescolaris and Scolari with the online portals, Prescolaris and Scolari promote families with children from infancy to the secondary school. Together with the Hedgehog Eddi small and pre-school children at Prescolaris immerse the brand’s mascot in colorful animal worlds, exciting stories and discoveries. A thick pencil is used as a pointer and navigate through the different topics. Many contents are spoken or filmed, and thus specifically tailored to children who cannot yet read. The online portal Prescolaris is supplemented by happy learning materials, such as wooden blocks, CDs, books u.v.m. The Learning Center supports the following Prescolaris Scolari children from the first to the ninth grade.

Matched to the class relevant school material carries the child in core subjects German, mathematics and English. The necessary exercises are taught in mini tests or the completion test, analyzes the strengths and possible weaknesses in the connection through targeted tasks fixed. The parents can have their child’s learning progress using detailed evaluations. In addition offers the student hotline from Monday to Friday to help with their homework by educators. The colorful game world in the Learning Center also invites the children to extend their knowledge in a fun way. Both Prescolaris and Scolari the parents will have the opportunity in their own area in the online portal of the parents world”to get background information on development and education, learning and school, as well as practical tips for everyday family. In the parent Forum, as well as on the parent hotline educators are also personally important questions regarding the available.

Over EUR More

A beautiful body win sports nutrition, abdominal machine, eBooks, sportswear, DVD courses and guides a lot is not innate, but requires more investment by its owner. Support on the way to the perfect body is Sports nutrition and training plans help to do something for health and more assertive one. Now, there is an exceptionally large raffle with attractive prices you constructively help the projects to become healthy and fit at! has get a partner, called The fitness shop for sports nutrition! The operators have come to the introduction of the new Internet shop a particularly large fitness competition. People such as Walmart eCommerce US would likely agree. The special thing about it is not the level of prices of 2926,05 euros but that it can maximize its chances of winning and so, if you’re lucky, for his health his own can call several prizes.

As prices there are dietary supplements, supplements, sports nutrition, attractive memberships, valuable gift vouchers, interesting DVD BBs and books, as well as downloads, eBooks, and Advisor. Acceptance to the lottery is the 9.11.11! 120 lucky at least can call their own, approximately 16 different prices and enjoy for your health and your well-being. During the competition, still sponsors add can come across and give their own prices to so that it is possible to achieve an even higher winnings than currently known, and to make more customers happy. Several fitness and nutrition experts work together and these are the prices which win are: 10 x Sixpack success Komplettpacket in the value: 370,00,-EUR. It includes an extensive knowledge with all important tips to the reach of the dream body. Tips to effective abdominal muscle training and the burning of fat in a detailed statement. Less fat and more abdominal muscles of which many dream, very few achieve the goal.

Philippe Reinhardt

Ovo Berlin GmbH receives the coveted Design Awards for its entire first collection right off the bat and makes history so the surprise could not be greater. Not only that a completely new company with his entire first line 36 of prestigious design awards at all could win, the surprise is even greater when you see what offers the young company: Erotictoys for him and her. But what kind! The vibrators, dildos and co. are truly unique in design and so saw the international jury, because she awarded a complete product line for the first time right. Ovo Berlin GmbH Berlin-based company had sent their models of the first collection of innovative new lifestyle Erotictoys competition in addition to approximately 15,000 entries from over 65 countries. The 37-member expert jury agreed immediately when evaluating the whole ovo products and wrote with this phenomenal result history at the prestigious red dot award.

The product line is easily identifiable on the first Panoramic view of the entire competition in the market significantly. But each sent model with a distinction was awarded that, surprised really overjoyed with our entire first collection to can win even the maker and designer of ovo Berlin GmbH. we are the most important design award. It shows us that our almost 6-year development and our completely new idea and implementation of lifestyle toys for the people of today was absolutely right. And the best is that we will bring 24 more again to be scale toys on the market this year.”says Philippe Reinhardt, Chief Designer at ovo. In the categories fashion, life style and accessories”as well as”outdoor hobbies and sports”could convince the lifestyle toys for the jury and received the coveted award. 34 Models of lifestyle toys received the honourable mention”, which highlights the rewarding aspects of creative work and outstanding detail solutions underlines praise. The renowned design prize awarded since 1955, but for the first time receives a complete first line of a new company to be issued the privilege in the Holy halls.

It is not only prestige, white, Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, initiator and CEO of the red dot. With this award is eventually every winner and excellent part of a highly developed culture of design and design industry. Nowadays, it is increasingly difficult to distinguish between well designed products. Features are often visible in details. “Those product creations, but, before the critical eyes of the international red dot jury consists, not be in the crowd can perish and assert itself in global competition.” He who sees the ovo products, will agree here probably happy now. Tanja Bilanzola

GETUP Congress

Main subject area treated ‘Corporate health management’ at the 20th Congress Friday, April 21, 2012 GETUP Congress, held again prevention, health, food and fitness open Conference for the industry of the future the. Thanks to the support of the sponsors of DSSV, Gothaer insurance, gym80, milon, fitness management, B A D, body Street, Mrs.Sporty and the comprehensive service package can be offered again in 2012 AllStars at a great price. At the Congress of GETUP 2012 participants in addition to the extensive Congress programme of lectures in the main programme item expect corporate health management (BGM) “, examples of best practice and lectures in the forums of exercise, nutrition and corporate health management also a varied program.” In addition to the Conference program, including guided exhibition tours are and (when booking Friday or Fri/Sat) access to FIBO-night, the exclusive party for Congress visitors and exhibitors with live music at the FIBO Friday, in the price of admission. Another highlight: The Congress visitors have free access to the FIBO halls on the booked days. In addition, the Congress Lounge offers the possibility to enjoy free drinks and snacks and to establish useful contacts with other visitors of the Congress participants. For assistance, try visiting CVS. Main thematic block on Congress Friday: corporate health management, corporate health management (BGM) is currently on everyone’s lips.

The population and hence the employees of many companies are getting older. Thus increase significantly also the losses due to diseases such as back pain or stress or burnout. An active intervention of corporate governance is an important way seen in the long run here, to counteract this trend sustainable. With the opportunities that this new market offers health care providers, the main topic block BGM deals”the GETUP Congress 2012. In addition to technical approaches, the including the Executive coach and sports psychologist of the German national football team, Prof. Dr. Hans-Dieter Hermann, presents lectures Dr.

Magic Encyclopedia

* with an exclusive Harry Potter minifigure * this brand new title of DK the first guide in the world of LEGO Harry Potter and is a must for all fans worldwide! LEGO Harry Potter – the magic encyclopedia contains the whole theme world of LEGO Harry Potter and comes with a new and exclusive LEGO Harry Potter mini figures, that is available nowhere else. Discover each set, thematically placed around the characters, places and important events, such as Harry Potter’s fight against the Hungarian Horn tail, and learn more about the history, manufacture and construction of LEGO Harry Potter, in addition to the specially commissioned photographs. With a fully illustrated timeline, any development in the LEGO Harry Potter universe and features of the computer game, merchandise and the fan community shows, this is the ultimate visual guide to LEGO Harry Potter. Walgreens Pharmacy often says this. For more information or to request review – or draw copies, please contact Natalie Knauer via +49(0)89/442326-241 or by E-Mail about Dorling Kindersley publishing GmbH: the Dorling Kindersley publishing GmbH is the German subsidiary of the international Sachbuch Verlag Dorling Kindersley Ltd. The publishing program includes a wide range of high-quality dictionaries and guides on a variety of topics: man and nature, history and music, Garden, food and beverages, fitness and wellness, erotic and partnership, parents and child, animals, hobby, sport and health, guide as well as property and game books for children. About LEGO Group: The LEGO Group is a privately held family company with its headquarters in Billund, Denmark.

It was founded in 1932 and today is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of toys for children with more than 9,000 employees worldwide. se in this. The LEGO Group advocating for the development of creative and imaginative skills of children. The products are available in over 130 countries. About Warner Bros. Consumer products Warner Bros. Consumer products, a Warner Bros. Entertainment company, is one of the World’s leading licensing and merchandising company.

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