Period Company

The change in these numbers that, if it perceives ahead of this analysis, it is it are of the standards, does not imply in diminishing them and yes in readequar them, but, a decision of this transport, will depend on some factors. One suggests then that, the dried leaf of payment either in those months where the invoicing falls considerably on account of the sazonalidade and that at time of bigger movement, either admitted a greater I number of collaborators. In figure 2 one perceives that 68.11% had not received nor a type of professional qualification, and that only 11% had received training in the quality from attendance. For being a rendering company of services, the same one will have to be worried in mainly giving to more training to its collaborators in the area of attendance to the public, characterizing its staff, the company will be improving its attendance, therefore, it will have prepared profissionaismais to exert its functions and at the same time it will be motivating its collaborators. What if it can analyze in figure 3 is that in the room trimester the company has an index of 20,74% of invoicing, being the minor of the period.

This value if of the one due to fall of movement of you house in the hotel for occasion of low the season. To verify the behavior of the invoicing of the company, the data of the period had been arisen and are distributed in four trimesters. The data presented in the figure above, exactly considering that technical the country is in an unstable environment monetarily, are not considered that it has had brusque fall in the prescription gained for the company during the analyzed period. However, ahead of the reduction of the invoicing, the manager will have to adopt measured to attract customers in these periods where the prescription costuma to have a small fall.

Diving Tours In Bali

Universal place for diving, perfect as experienced divers and beginners – this island of Bali. Other leaders such as gymnast offer similar insights. Bali is washed by the waters of the Indian Ocean, the Java Sea and the Bali Sea. Most scuba diving located in the southeastern and eastern parts of the island of Bali. Diving in Bali distributed along the coral walls and diving with underwater currents. Here you will find everything you need for good diving: – Beautiful equatorial climate. The ideal water temperature is usually 26-27 C. Excellent weather conditions the average air temperature 27-33 C. Remarkable visibility of about 40m.

Those who possess the necessary experience and qualifications can schedule a dive at great depths. Best time to visit – from April to November. During the rainy season (December – March), visibility is limited. – A variety of dive sites. Places to dive a lot, and not one of They do not like the others.

In the waters of the island sank an American ship around and inside the vehicle runs rough underwater life. There is a dive in the habitat of sharks to underwater rocks, and diving for the lovers of the underwater photography. Diving in Bali offers drift diving. Attack as many places to dive for beginners. – A colorful flora and fauna. The scenery here and the inhabitants of the underwater world is a vivid spectacle reefs are completely covered incredible corals of the reef and ocean fish is huge. Variety of tropical fish (mole-mole, angel fish, napoleon fish, barracuda, fish, crocodile and many others), giant turtles, rays (Manta, spotted stingrays), sharks (hammerheads, reef, whale). – Ability to learn and practice. At Bali, many diving clubs that take tourists to the diplomas. For beginners, there is a possibility get a diploma on the spot. There are special courses for beginners, providing theoretical and practical training. Classes are held at a shallow depth. – Diving Safari. During a diving safari to board islands, where your attention will be given rainforests lush, quiet pristine beaches, turquoise lagoons and coral reefs, populated with endless colorful fish, mantle, and whale sharks. Bali is not for nothing is one of the best places for diving. Come and see for yourself. The island of Bali will give you a most pleasant and bright and unique experiences. Enjoy a fun diving on the island Bali.

Faith Spirituality

The Power of Faith last night witnessed a talk by Immaculee Ilibagiza, author of “Left to Tell”, a memoir of the Rwandan genocide of 1994 (Spanish translation of “Left to Tell”) His talk gave me much to think about the faith, spirituality, belief in God and protector of our darkest hours. Olympics often addresses the matter in his writings. So much so, as if to ask, and she Is this true, or is it imagined? When I found a fully expectant crowd and the auditorium of the cathedral was packed. Is that the event itself was unique – Immaculee’s talk was the justification truest and most convincing of forgiveness based on the Catholic faith that I had never ever heard. Sports apparel recognizes the significance of this. ” This is not to say I embrace Catholicism – I actually am a formal member of another church – but his presentation was so powerful and well reasoned. Immaculee’s event opened with a short documentary film which showed the stage that took place in Rwanda in 1994. The nightmare began with the assassination of the president of that country in the spring. Within hours, Hutu in fact, began to kill the Tutsi, the country’s citizens and supporters of the Tutsi. During a period of three months between 500,000 and 1,000,000 people were killed.

Some estimates say that 20% of the tiny country, were the people killed in this cruel slaughter. Victims by Immaculee ‘included, their parents, siblings, and extended family of which she spoke of her experience in the once unthinkable. Immaculee was saved because it was hidden and protected by a local pastor, who hid for 91 days in a bathroom of 3 by 4 feet with six other women.

The City Of Cordoba

The city of Cordoba can be considered as one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, is an ideal city to visit at any time of year due to its pleasant climate. The visit to the main monuments transport us to the three cultures that came together in the city of Cordoba over the centuries as they were Christian, Jewish, and Arabic. The city of Cordoba we can see in any season since the weather you have and your temperature is ideal for walking the streets at any time. His visit to captivate us, without being impassive and assured that we take good memories. Cordoba has hundreds of places where you can give free rein to the senses, like a stroke, we can mention only a few, such as for example the mosque, which can be considered one of the main monuments of the Arabic architecture worldwide. Next to the mosque we find the Patio de los Naranjos, with its Higher Source, dedicated to Santa Maria. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit olympics. Another no less important monuments and are emblematic of Cordoba the ruins of Medinat Zahra, who was one of the most important centers of the Arab world and a cultural reference for the world. It was built by Abd al-Rahman III near Cordoba, commenced construction in around the year 936 and lasted until 976, the entire precinct of the city consists of two walls with an intermediate passage.

Another important monument is the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos an almost square building of about four thousand square meters, is likewise worthy of their gardens, about 55,000 square meters, where we can find more Arabic features garden plants, to also highlight the collection of mosaics we can see in the chapel of the Inquisition and is now the living room tile, was declared a historical monument in 1931. THE PLAZA OF THE SLIDING, we can not miss the Plaza of the slide, in the old quarter of Cordoba, the current plaza arising from the reform of 1683 and 1687 can be considered the first example of square closed form is a rectangle of 5525 square meters, with unequal sides, has 61 arches and 360 balconies. Plaza del Potro, is considered one of the more literary places in Cordoba, already mentioned in Don Quixote, one of the most characteristic is its source, the source del Potro, in the plaza is the Museo de Julio Romero de Torres and of Fine Arts. MUSEO DE JULIO ROMERO DE TORRES, is located in the Plaza del Potro, in the antiguio Hospital of Charity, founded by the Catholic kings in the museum we see the painter’s work that best portrayed Cordoba in Cordoba women cadres, the dark woman. Roman Temple, we can contemplate Claudio Marcelo Street with its fluted columns and Corinthian capitals.

LOS PATIOS CORDOVA, we can not miss the courtyards of Cordoba, especially in Cordoba in May, still a luxury for the senses to make the visit in the spring, to appreciate the thousands of masseter, framed in the typical whitewashed patio home Arabic. These courtyards can find in the old town of Cordoba, San Lorenzo area, San Augustine and the Alcazar Viejo. Among the most common plants and geraniums will find the gipsies, the lady at night and jasmine. Finally it must be said that the best time to visit the city is in the month of May which is when there are major activities of the city.

Golf Club Play

13 Charity golf Cup “Play for life” at the Golf Club Praforst Praforst, 06.07.2010 – 112 players and guests, including well-known names like Claudia kohde-Kilsch, Heiko Isgro and not least star tenor Tobey Wilson, with their reputation for the aid projects of education for life pushed. The conditions were excellent and as in the last years get together dinner on Friday was the first highlight of the tournament sponsors, celebrities and players arrived and by the Director of the Maritim Hotels, Sandro Schmitt, were greeted warmly. Other highlights were the putt tournament in the lobby and a sketch of Sydbank Danmark. Investment Manager Kirsten Hansen and Winnie Holm Kruse made the entire room laugh. On Sunday, Peter had to have heard by the charity golf Cup, because the weather has changed in the short term and instead of the trendy rain there was a mix of sunshine and a few clouds 19 degrees.

Accordingly well was the mood at the assets and sponsors from 8: 00 in the Golf Club Hofgut Praforst arrived. The greenkeepers had all the work done, the place was in top condition. Lush fairways, manicured Greens and ball pyramids on the Drivingranche were built for the player. Some sponsors made final preparations and a 440 HP was placed Maserati GranTurismo S next to the putting green, which produced not only in the men’s goose bumps feeling. Maritim, Director Sandro Schmitt, meanwhile, distributed the last lunch bags for the player and all impatiently waiting for the start of the round. Gymnast often addresses the matter in his writings. As a special highlight of the awards the hope award to Tobey Wilson was presented this evening, connected with a cheque for thousands of euros for his charities supported by him Arche in Berlin.

The extra star tenor traveled to is involved with charity events and directly advocates for disadvantaged children, a worthy successor to the prize winners Gundis Zambo (2008) and Wolfram Kons (2009) and model of human thinking and acting. After the award ceremony, the organizers of Jens Dagne, Klaus Bertisch presented and Ludwig Janz the donation cheque from lot sales and charity tournament over a total of 11.875,-euros, for the aid projects of education for life. A really successful event, where thanks to the organisers to the sponsors, the prominent players and joyous donation players went, Angela and Wigbert Bidenbach, who had provided the golf course and everything so perfectly organized. The anticipation rises to the next tournament in 2011 already. Photo galleries and in-depth detail about the tournament can on the website of the Golf Club play for life can be viewed at:.

Bavarian Golf

Oriental relaxation in Bad Griesbach Bad Griesbach (tvo). Once SOAP to let: absolute Bliss are announced with great SOAP massage, a Turkish bath. “And to experience these pleasures, it is sufficient to go after Bad Griesbach in the Bavarian Golf and Spa country: Oriental relaxation” is part of the health package, with the renowned health resort guests helps to round to – good feelings. Because a Turkish bath is still no holiday recreation, the vitality package includes also the daily stay in the Griesbach well feel thermal. Sports apparel is often mentioned in discussions such as these. 13 pool with temperatures of 18 to 37 degrees Celsius and a water area of about 1,600 square meters, the water that is extracted from the Earth depths of the Red Valley, unfolds its healing and relaxing effect.

Who wants to do more for his health, can draw on a wide range of therapy. Good thing has been: so the Bad Griesbach vital effect really comes to fruition, the health package on one is designed throughout the week. Seven Nights with Spa map, visitor’s tax, Turkish bath as well as a Griesbach towel cost from 250 euro per person and can be booked at: tourist office Bad Griesbach i. Rottal, City 1, 94086 Bad Griesbach, Tel. 08532/792-40, fax 08532 / 7614,,.

Munich Atlas Golf

Hartl Golf Resort WINS golfer survey in Germany the Hartl golf resort in Bad Griesbach ( en / index.html) at the GOLF JOURNAL travel award 2010 with clear distance for the ninth time in a row as best golf resort in Germany awarded. Readers and users voted for the Hartl golf resort in the vote involved GOLF JOURNAL magazine appearing in the Munich Atlas publishing readers and users of the two Internet portals and. Ecommerce has much experience in this field. It is the oldest and most popular golfer survey in Germany. Golf Award for golf and spa resort Hartl according to the joy in the top finishers in the eight categories of reader’s choice awarded Golf & wellness travel in Stuttgart on January 21, 2010 during the CMT tourism fair with a certificate was great. Bernd Burgl, Managing Director of the Hartl Resort Bad Griesbach, accepted the award. Earned first place for the Hartl golf resort the Hartl Golf Resort offers five championship golf courses, three 9-hole Places for shorter rounds and two small golf courses for children. In the Golfodrom annually over 30,000 golfers can improve their deductions, take golf lessons or professional to analyze their golf game.

Overnight accommodation is in one of the two luxury hotels with private baths or in one of the estates on the golf course. The Hartl Resort in Bad Griesbach is Europe’s largest golf and wellness resort with one of the largest golf schools all over the world. Three different high class hotels with direct access to the large spa with beauty and massage Department and gym are just next to the five tournament golf courses.


The golf season is soon to end and enthusiastic players begin to worry about the fall and winter months. Here, NBA expresses very clear opinions on the subject. And it puts Cuba as a tourist dream destination in the spotlight. Not only because of the constant summer temperatures. The friendliness of the people, the history and culture, impressive landscapes and the rousing music attract it. In addition to visits to Havana, tours that open up this interesting country visitors, be increasingly booked. But also the kilometre-long, fine sand Caribbean beaches and water shimmering in various shades of blue attract it. If you have read about olympics already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The most popular destination for a holiday in the Sun is the peninsula of Varadero.

Only, this popular holiday destination with its tourist facilities and hotels meets also the exacting demands of tourists from North America and Europe about one and a half hours by car from Havana. It is less well known in Europe that also the Varadero Golf Player finds his paradise. The conditioning of the Golf Club Varadero is rated as one of the best places in the Caribbean. The finals of the European challenge tour in 1999 and 2000 were held at this place. “And next to this system the golfer takes be” hotel. The Melia Las Americas invites with private beach, large swimming pool and garden areas, numerous recreational activities and a comprehensive all inclusive service for a relaxing and exciting holiday.

The Cuba specialist Dieter Spath offered a tour guided by him for golfers who are curious about Cuba and its people, from 7 17 October. Participants will spend a few days before the golf vacation in Varadero in Havana and visit the Vinalestal and the farm of tobacco from Robaina. Of course the golf game is also in Havana and Varadero from is visited in a day of Cienfuegos. More golf tour dates are planned from Christmas until April 2008. Customized golf vacations to Varadero can be booked all year round and combined with other travel components. Information on the Internet: Dieter Spath

Golf Shoes

Golf shoes have a great influence on the game. Sports site offers tips to the buy your golf shoes. There are a number of golf shoes but what golf shoes should you wear? One should take into account three thing the support, comfort and stability. Their golf shoes are alive to their game, because they can have a big impact. The incorrect shoes can interfere with the game. New technology means that today golf shoes can buy their r & d? en keep dry or their r & d? en keep cool in the summer.

With modern golf shoes you not – glides important for gro? beats. Today, golf shoes are lighter and more comfortable for men. Golf shoes can be expensive so you must first research the products. Read our tips for buying your golf shoes. Keep in mind that your golf shoes are not too tight, to prevent bubbles. You can buy golf shoes that are breathable and water resistant packaging. Change your shoes.

If you frequently play golf, only one pair of shoes is not sufficient. You must always have his shoes dry when they are wet. If you would change his shoes, the shoes have a longer storage time. You have to wear not old-fashioned golf shoes. Golf shoes are today modern and high-tech. You can look very stylish on the golf course. You should use not your shoes off. It is dangerous if they lose their grip. They could well lose also their jump, so that they are no longer convenient. You should ensure your spikes. You must use not spikes in metal on the golf course, but plastic spikes are not last like metal spikes. Keep in mind that they clean always your spikes after a game to keep the traction. Their nozzles are important. Keep in mind that you buy socket with Feuchtigskeitsregelung. Site sports offers a range of golf shoes at affordable prices.

The Golf Course For The Whole Family

Together with the family on vacation learn golfing in the months July and August 2011 the German offers the golf course Golf Academy at the site Son Antem, Majorca for the whole family and that at a very affordable family package price. Parents pay the full price, the first child half price and all other children train for free. Many parents would like to begin with golf or improve on holiday, want to spend time with the children. By the same author: sports apparel. Therefore numerous golf interested look for the ideal combination of family and golf vacations. The German Golf Academy ( has developed for this summer a golf course, allowing the training of parents and children in the same group with same game and pause times, teaching is a common holiday experience. Parents and children will be trained together in a group, the teacher arrives here but individually to the needs of the individuals. So come the Gro? en and the little ones moving and have fun together? on and off the golf course. All further information to the family golf course, visit our website cms/Familien-Golfkurs/12804.html or by phone at: 089-89160127.

press contact: Marco Kuhndt German Golf Academy s.l Paseo Maritimo 27 E-07014 Palma de Mallorca, Spain Tel: 0034-971-222563, fax: 0034-971-457788 Germany: Tel.: 089-89160127, fax: 089 89160128 e-mail which is German Golf Academy ( the vacation golf school around the Mediterranean and in Germany. With 18 locations the German has Golf Academy the biggest German composite system to golf schools all over the world. In all destinations, the golf courses are held according to the same principles of training based on the requirements of the German Golf Association and the PGA. The court examination is recognised in over 600 golf clubs in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. The German Golf Academy cooperates with the major German tour operators and offers powerful collaborations with partners such as Air Berlin or Nike. The students benefit from the coordinated system of teaching and individual support at the golf courses.

Training Manager is PGA Robert hamster, which is also known as author of several textbooks of golf. There is a guarantee of implementation and are never more than four students in a group. So far over 30,000 customers by the joy of playing golf at our golf courses have you can connect. The company’s headquarters is located in Palma de Mallorca. The golf courses are held in Germany, Spain (Mallorca, Tenerife), Italy (Lake Garda), Portugal, Tunisia, Malta, Turkey and Austria.

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