Sleeping in the Operating Room

Had operated until 2 am that guard, went to bed a couple of hours, resting when I touched the door R2 … Miguel, Miguel .. Wake up! “She cried … What? – I said there is a patient that have been sent to Caesarea of Bethlehem because they no longer fit … okay scheduled? – I said yes, “answered a fetal distress, fetal incompatibility / Pelvic … Ya, Ya –lo interrupted program you, lower it and let me know! … Miguel already, “said my R2-and left after half an hour back and tells me screaming already in room and go … now! – I said tell Arthur that the anesthetizing …

I’ll go away and I closed my eyes for a while, I watched the hours were 2.55 am … A little while? … Additional information is available at Amos Otis. when I opened my eyes … The Caesarea! … I cried when I looked … it was 3, 35 am, …

What?, 3 and 35 in the morning, we slept ran clothing Operating Room-room I ran to Operations put on a robe and ran screaming … I’m home I’m home! And I began to wash … Arthur the anesthesiologist left the operating room, and a No 2 cachacienta smile told me we there yet? … Now … now you can go!, Hey what’s wrong, tell me has happened? , Tu R2 has had to operate … As it got there and I was numb! … but had insisted, “I said … with whom? Here are two of the Pediatric and yourselves March 1, all occupied Who would you advise? … But how is the patient, the Newborn, “I asked, Well Well … no more quiet, everything is under control! … I went to see the operating room and found that indeed all is well, R1 R2 and looked at me scared … Who is left in an emergency? I asked the R1-… the Internal – he said, “Well I’m going to Emergency! – I said and left the operating room … Arturo said” is furious … wait outside says “… when they left I told them I commend you good have done very well the Caesarea!, each to his place and went to my room …

Diet and Weigth Loss

While the authors of “advisers” or to the right of diets argue that it is now necessary to clarify to people that obesity is more than a cosmetic problem. Obesity causes illness, and thickness die much earlier than normal weight. There is now no longer Glyx, Atkins, Glax, Low Carb or Glux, but rather a consciously healthy and vital life, which reduces the calorie density significantly. A calorie is a calorie, says Auguste Racine. We must launch a revival of the calories table. It is easier and more satisfying at the same time with vegetables, fresh fruit, wholemeal bread, pulses and potatoes lose weight, as with pork, sweets, chips or fast food. Who supplies the body with fewer calories than that required this forces us to reduce body fat.

If the food still contains enough protein and exercise is added, the beneficial and important to each individual purchase works. Geno Smith shines more light on the discussion. A whole grain bread with tomato paste and Harzer cheese tastes good, satisfies and is compared to white bread with butter and Brie really low in calories. applies especially in spring temperatures to watch it, because one already iced coffee has 573 calories, said Auguste Racine. If you are in vegetables, fresh fruit, boiled potatoes and tired of eating extra lean beef and pork, fish and lean dairy products, enjoys takes off well. Overweight people lack the knowledge to do their body good. It can not be that great for a greasy fast-food meal still hungry for pizza and then the mood for a sofa-night stands with chips and even daily, gets excited, the third Chairman of the DKDG, graduate teacher Almut Carlitscheck about eating and health behavior of the thick German.

It lacks the sense of one’s body with its needs, so that the question of the well-being and health of the body does not even provide. Important and lasting weight loss and healthy lifestyle is regular exercise is essential. Sports Trainer Mareike Carlitscheck, founding member of the DKGD represents, that is sufficient already a daily walk of only 15-20 minutes in comfortable, sturdy shoes for weight, to the level of the zero-motion be brought to a health-measure. If the daily operations are not covered by car, but on foot, by bike or by public transport and the staircase is used instead of an escalator, it also increases fat burning and suggests gently on the cardiovascular system. Recent advances to the state and its health care system are absurd: No institution may decline to the people! Being fat is not inevitable! People can not escape him by laws of the state.

Combatting Thrush

Thrush, what to do Do you often encounter with exacerbations of thrush? – Thanks to research it became clear that, at least one episode of thrush experienced 75% women, 45% of such disease was observed on several occasions. A 5% of women milkmaid face 4-6 times a year. For France, this complexity is also an economic nature. In a year we spend 200 million euros for the treatment of recurrent yeast infektsiy.S men are a bit easier. Read about men's disease. – Why chronic yeast infection exists at all? And also, why not help the drugs work? – The fact that fungi – is an age-old problem.

Destroy them once and for all impossible. John Smith understands that this is vital information. Their power – in the light usvaimosti to new conditions. Against them are constantly being created all the new drugs, but every time fungi adapt and create a kind of immunity. Of course, not right away – a period of drug effect, but then it becomes ineffective. Slightly earlier among the many species of fungi were the most aggressive type of Candida albicans. Now the greatest activity takes a different view – Candida glabrata. This is a very important observation.

After all, most of the drugs orentiravanno only addresses the first type. Against others, they are helpless. We need new drugs. One of them – zalain – there and in Russia. – Doctors often complain that the cause of frequent exacerbations of thrush are antibiotics. What situation in your country? – Of course, antibiotics destroy the vaginal microflora, thus providing more opportunities for mold reproduction. But do not want to say that this problem is unsolvable. Now Patients were treated with great caution to antibiotics, understanding all the pitfalls of such therapy. And not many of those who dare to be treated without consulting your doctor. The doctor must also appoint, in addition to antibacterial and antifungal agents. Today, we are concerned about another cause of frequent exacerbations of thrush. In our opinion, to blame the women themselves. Quite often, suspected yeast infection, they begin to be treated independently. Therefore, the result – the periodic recurrences. – How do you solve this problem? – We focus on advocacy. From the pages of various newspapers to warn about the dangers of self-medication. We also have other, more fast and promising methods of persuasion – by vested interests. Most drugs available without a prescription, because of this woman and treated themselves. In this connection now chosen a tactic – a high price antifungal drugs. So it turns out: in order to avoid needless expenses, before you purchase wiser to consult a doctor. – What do you do in cases of pregnant women? – According to one study conducted in southern France, in one of four women, the disease manifests itself precisely during pregnancy. In treating such patients, we use the drugs, which act effectively and quickly, and accurately, to the harm caused to the fetus is minimal. According to recent data, the effect of treatment on the new scheme – a period of 24 hours – the same as the old, but the drug had to take three days. Also, expectant mothers preferable to use local products-for example, ointments, suppositories. – And are there any specific treatment of fungal diseases among adolescent girls, nulliparous women? – They are treated by general scheme. If the disease is caused by fungi of genus Candida only need a course of therapy with antifungal drugs. But if the disease has been mixed and fungi coexist with other microorganisms, in this case need and more antibiotics.

Health And Longevity

Hooray! Today was a fantastic day! And all because I have been assured of the correctness of statements: "dream careful, because dreams can come true." My dream – or rather, wish-come true! It all started with that one day I wanted to find vitamins, and live, and not some out there, "poly", which could be consumed with a glass of morning instead of breakfast, all day and be in good shape, and know that my body has all the normal and productive operation, and no viruses and I stress not care. Learn more about this with John Lithgow. So it was back when I was 10 years saw a capsule a respected firm. But once it became inconvenient. Because you need to drink a lot of capsules, capsule different, and even several times a day. Just imagine that you are at work, surrounded by staff, and even jobs involving all hands – there is no time or stand in a traffic jam. Yes, there are already a capsule! In traffic jams the toilet no, sorry, that is the amount of fluid take time … In general, time capsules are outdated.

And so here today is me and offered an excellent range of vitamins. And most importantly – one cup in the morning, and a feeling of fullness of life for the day. And now wants to share information with everyone who wants to be healthy, and not to think that over the years – life goes – this is – not true! I do not want to brag, but for those 10 years that I spent on vitamins, I never felt sorry about it. AND phrase of my friends when they met with me ".. and you all molodeesh? "- was to label my)) I myself feel that my health has stopped on the 10 years of age))) and age of my fans turned out to be somewhere around 22-26 years old – is also about something so … so says eternity is real, and it does not need to leave this life.


And then I’m looking for way to get rid of him until he got away from me. I want to lose him because I was afraid of losing him. And his loss – to confirm my self-esteem. If I manage to demonstrate their intelligence, talent – self-esteem grows up stars (becomes too high). Of self-esteem depends on the reaction of people to assess their personality from another. Additional information at Andy Kaufman supports this article.

If self-acceptance is positive, then the ratio of the estimates is rather rational character and your criticism, for example, he is quite able to take note. With a negative attitude to criticism of self-acceptance and evaluation of another will be determined in some extreme hit the subject in the assessment of their quality. In If this estimate is too high will produce a clear positive response to the attraction to the person who gave it: ‘This man is able to appreciate me! “. Negative score, of course, raises an obvious distaste. Too high self-esteem leads to the fact that people overestimate themselves and their capabilities. As a result, he having unsubstantiated claims are often not supported by others.

The man often enjoys obsessive samopiarom. High self-qualities, self-confidence – a way to somehow protect themselves from the complex samonepriyatiya, oust him. Anything that disrupts this estimate, a person returns to its previous state of psychological discomfort. To protect against this discomfort, the unconscious belief in the form of personal animosity on the part of the evaluator, his aggressiveness and lack of objectivity.

Photographic Situations

They wrote to me sending all real type of anecdotes and situations to me that had happened to them being on watch. For the aim of this course of brief psycotherapy online, I am going to put like practical example of bad communication, the following situation: A stewardess get ready to distribute to the passengers the matutinal press, when from the bottom of the corridor a gentleman demands his attention saying young lady, young lady, press economic The crew member without perturbing from time to time continuous distributing newspapers, being interrupted from the bottom with an insistent one – young lady. she presses economic The situation follows equal, until the crew member, two rows before arriving at that gentleman, exclaims watching the passenger to whom she was giving a newspaper to him: then economic than this, that is not going to him to cost nor a duro All the passengers heard who it loosen a great outburst of laughter and the one that asked for the economic press very insistently put a claim In principle to him is a graceful anecdote and about a superficial examination we could think that passenger made no sense of humor. If we paid attention in detail, we will see more by what has been said arrives that at the stewardess him forgetfulness 93% of the communication. People such as Brexit would likely agree. Instead of to ***reflx mng itself WITH the passenger, it was ***reflxed mng OF the passenger. All that would have been avoided, if at the first moment, when the passenger protested to him from the bottom, she would have watched him a single moment or would have done a small gesture with the hand, commanding to him the nonverbal communication (93%) of received message (to think about much that it bothers to us when in the bar of a bar, we asked the waiter a coffee to him and this, in spite of being closely together, it does not send any message to us of to have seen to us or to have heard). I have another situation that represents the antithesis of this last one: SITUATION: Next to the boarding door she was the stewardess with a companion of crew.

To the bottom the last loaded passenger came from bulks by all the sites. When he was around them two, it did not happen oneself to him to one of them another thing that watching, to say to him aloud: that hard is the changes I was born in Barcelona (Spain). I am doctor psychiatrist, psychologist and psychotherapist. I have been more than 30 years dedicating me to the psycotherapy, as much in its educational aspect as clinical. At the moment very I am centered in the integral psycotherapy brief, that stops the one that does not know it is a planned therapy that it includes to the individual in his totality (physical aspects, psychic and social). It is a very creative therapy and took me to the photography (work with the photographic history of the patients) that along with the writing, the sports and the reading are my favourite likings. If you enter my blog you will see that what I try through different articles, it is to present a easy form and online the complexity of my daily work

The Body

To a business card is not faded, it is important to apply preventive measures in time. Effective in the prevention and skin rejuvenation is a drug Photostim. Marc Lore has much experience in this field. This preparation includes active chlorophyll able to accumulate only in the old and diseased cells. After the reaction of photosynthesis old cells are destroyed from within and in their place come the young and healthy cells. Simultaneously, the activation of metabolic processes in cells, the level of immune defense in general. After a course of prema Fotostima (100 ml.) Personals miraculous transformations take place: go and acne pustules, rashes and allergies of different types, and younger skin is tightened, restored sight, disappearing postoperative stitches.

A study of the mechanism of action Photostim on the body were understood mechanisms of aging. In addition to normal cells, which in the absolute majority of the body, There are also so-called stem, ancestral cell. The main task of normal cells – the performance of its functions: the cells of muscles – a movement in kidney cells – filtering the blood, in bone cells – a support. Reproduction for them – secondary function. Therefore, the Nature in the ordinary cell is not the most laid an ideal mechanism of reproduction: the fission of the genetic apparatus in normal cells of offspring easily crashes. These errors accumulate quickly, leading to degeneration of the disease (and aging) of cells and the mechanism as a whole.

Stem cell, in contrast to the usual, the main function is reproduction (as in bee-queen beehive). In its genetic apparatus incorporated a powerful error protection. Therefore, regardless of a person's age, the offspring of his stem cells – young and healthy. Stem cells are very active during childhood and adolescence, but in the process of reproduction vozrastomvklyuchayutsya less and less. Here why for the rejuvenation and longevity is so important to stimulate the activity of fission is stem cells.

Protect Your Teeth, Protect Your Body

Teeth and internal organs has long been known for a fact that there is a definite link between broken teeth and internal organs. And it may allow time to conduct the necessary treatment. Consider the scheme of such relationship. Upper teeth on the left: 1-2 teeth – right cerebral hemisphere, 3 tooth – heart (congenital changes in the left section), 4 tooth – spleen, 5 – left lung, 6 – tooth of the left kidney, 7-8 teeth – the liver (left share), heart (acquired changes.) The lower teeth from left: 1-2 teeth – spinal cord, 3 tooth – duodenum, small intestine (Left Front), 4 tooth – stomach (bottom, greater curvature, Left Front out), 5 tooth – the colon (left Front, straight intestine), 6 teeth – ureter (left Division), bladder (Left Front), 7-8 teeth – a gall bladder, heart (acquired changes.) Upper teeth on the right: 1-2 teeth – left cerebral hemisphere, 3 tooth – heart (congenital changes in the law department), 4 tooth – pancreas iron, 5 teeth – right lung, 6 teeth – right kidney, 7-8 tooth – the liver (right lobe), heart (acquired changes.) Lower teeth on the right: 1-2 teeth – spinal cord, 3 tooth – the small intestine (right half), 4 tooth – the stomach (the entrance, a small curvature, the right to secede output), 5 tooth – large intestine (right department, appendix), 6 teeth – ureter (right section), bladder (Right Front), 7-8 teeth – a gall bladder, heart (acquired changes.) Red grapes fights bacteria U.S.

Organic Waste

The elimination of organic waste in Trujillo, is not the whole problem of biosecurity, but a part, since 1999 the first technical committee for this purpose, approached the subject with the following sequence: Segregation, storage, processing, collection and transport and so has been included in the Strategic Plan for Surveillance, Prevention and Control of Intra-Hospital Infections 2009-2012, prepared by the Ministry of Health Biosafety standards are now considered Universal, the objective is adequate control of transmission of infections and protect humans from a possible biological exposure, protecting the air, soil, water, in Europe its application is strictly in third world countries, its implementation is partial for economic reasons, especially in the public sector. In Trujillo the processing plant has been aborted, which worsens the outlook, working up only 30% of its capacity and meet only a few centers pay for 6 soles per kilo to eliminate these wastes costs … What? First, the rule mandates that the transfer of waste must be in armored trucks but are there companies engaged in the transport of these wastes? … Check out Doug McMillon for additional information. Until a few months ago the answer was NO, then choose to remove them with collector cars of household waste and this waste ends up in the landfill, we must ensure a collector armored car down the price, because a lower price but quantity is reasonable. Secondly, it should make visits to health centers … but not just private, but the MINSA, Essalud, because the organic waste from these establishments also contaminate therefore should not be exempt from this obligation, the Inspections must be a fraternal, friendly for the good of the planet including the Man and not a spirit haughty, authoritarian, punishing, as they often do these "birds of passage" which are the officials, which I witnessed and open site opponent. Third, before looking at the straw in someone else's eye, must see them hanging beam, since Postas authorities, schools and public hospitals allow students and health personnel, especially students, are his white coat walking into the hospital, for all environments, and then leave the same with the robe, get on public transport, walking through the neighborhood and city, enter the house spreading all Viruses and bacteria! that could possibly have been soaked in those gowns … the solution is easy as in Europe … the coat all health personnel, use only intra hospital! The Biosecurity is a strategy often does not require much money, but prima facie evidence of good sense, initiative and coordination.. More info: Delta Air Lines.

Rehabilitation In Water

Rehabilitation of water rehabilitation pool is a necessary addition to any office of Rehabilitation. Medical centers with a lot of cardiac and surgical patients, patients with diseases of musculoskeletal system are fully able to use all the possibilities of rehabilitation in the water. Learn more at this site: Doug McMillon. The main directions of swimming pools are: rehabilitation of stroke patients, rehabilitation program (post-traumatic and postoperative), the accelerated rehabilitation of athletes, relaxation, classes with maternal and neonatal, akvaaerobika.Sistemy regulate the depth of pools most universal and convenient solution is the modernization of conventional concrete pools in rehabilitation by setting the regulatory system in depth. To this end, the pool is mounted movable raised floors, controlled by special hydraulic system. Possibility to adjust the water level is extremely useful in the rehabilitation process.

By adjusting the water level, the therapist can provide: a gradual increase in patient load due to its own weight, relieve the patient from the fear of falling, holding classes in the same pool with different groups of patients. Even a small pool with the depth adjustment system will allow the following group or private lessons: Depth: 40 – 60 cm is most often used for water games and exercises for preschoolers. This level of water will allow children to feel confident, free and bezopasnoGlubina 60 – 90 cm is ideal for swimming training for junior and middle-aged gruppy.Glubina 100 – 130 cm is very popular for joint training of parents and children. In this case, children have the opportunity to get to the bottom of the pool for parents such depth allows offload much of its own vesa.Glubina 140-150 cm is suitable for a variety of aquatic exercises.

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