BQScan Detects Radiation

Software for the detection of radioactivity by using a commercially available digital camera measuring radioactive radiation is possible with modern SLRs, special camera settings, and long time exposure. In addition, the software BQScan was developed by the image processing specialists of from Datinf GmbH. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Sean Rad, New York City. The idea for the procedure from experiences with astrophotography, where again image errors occur during long exposures. Various experiments and detailed research ultimately led to the result that the natural radioactivity could be a cause for these unwanted effects. Using radioactive samples for calibration of instruments were investigated the properties of the camera chip and thus the foundations for the measuring procedure. The camera without a lens is used for the measurement. The cap provided by the camera manufacturer is used to the darkening and the protection of the image sensor. The recording is set the camera on very high sensitivity and an exposure time of 30 s.

Using the new developed software BQScan are distinguished traces of radioactivity from the normal noise of the chip and analyzes the captured images. Already low radioactivity, can be determined as E.g. in the plane at 10,000 m altitude. The measurement achieved not the accuracy of professional Geiger counter, but enough to determine relevant beta or gamma radiation. The BQScan software is intuitive to use and within a few seconds, the measuring result available stands.

The now-available version of the software runs on Windows and supports various brand digital mirror reflex cameras Canon. Camera models from other manufacturers are currently being tested and supported in future versions of the program. For a detailed description of the BQScan software under: about Datinf GmbH: the Datinf GmbH is a software company and developed sophisticated image analysis systems for the medical sector and for users in the industry.

Streak-free Window With Simple Home Remedies

Jenners Hausmeisterservice from Rostock, Germany informs the window cleaning is a necessary part of spring cleaning efforts if also rather troublesome, especially if he wants to succeed not just free of streaks. The Rostock cleaning professionals by Jenners Hausmeisterservice therefore give good advice, which manages a hassle-free, cost-effective window cleaning. Probably everyone would be glad when the Sun finally shines in spring. It is however less pleasing that stains and streaks on the glass surfaces of the window by the bright sunlight especially stand out and almost to call, finally to carry out a thorough spring cleaning. Windows provide clear, streifenlosen perspective, no expensive cleaning agents and equipment are needed.

As housewives know for many years, it is sufficient entirely, pouring alcohol in lukewarm water, using a cloth and this mixture to clean the window pane, and finally dry to wipe the window. Save alcohol and lukewarm water some special cleaner, because the already good cleaning effect of concentrated alcohol is additionally strengthened by the lukewarm water, and is capable of, also coarser dirty to clean window. Alcohol, lukewarm water and a cloth are all that is really necessary for window cleaning expensive special cleaner and equipment have neither a stronger cleaning effect, they guarantee a strip-free result. Window cleaning is often trouble. A strong contamination of the oblique window goes hand in hand with corners, hard-to-get is in by hand or machine, because once the arms are too short and the other time that used devices to clunky, to allow a reasonable roof window cleaning. This problem is surprisingly easy to deal with. For more information see this site: Sean Rad. Washing-up liquid on the top edge of the roof window is given during rainy weather, formed under the influence of rain a foamy layer of detergent which slowly runs down the disc and it cleans by itself, without a painstaking cleaning would be necessary. Not enough of the time or energy to flourish the necessary cleaning apartments and houses, a professional cleaning company should be charged to maintain their comfortable and hygienic quality. Jenners Hausmeisterservice provide anytime his many years of experience in the area of Rostock. Press contact Jenners Hausmeisterservice contact person: Jens Fischer Dierkower dam 47 18146 Rostock Tel.: 03 81-6 50 19 89 mobile: 01 72-2 11 99 76 E-Mail: Homepage:

Supply Chain Management – ESCM

A market survey revealed a high potential for eSCM medium-sized medical equipment manufacturers. Modern eSCM systems provide immediate decision-relevant information without additional interfaces to all partners within a value creation network. Markets, the intensification and internationalization of competition-reducing technology and product life cycles changed the company of medical force increasingly new concepts to increase their competitiveness to introduce. For small, medium and large enterprises, the demand is thus increasingly new strategies, which have grown increasing planning and coordination efforts to implement. ESupply Chain Management is a strategic management approach, which turns these challenges.

It provides methods and tools for integrated management and optimization of internal and cross-company business processes. A stronger customer orientation in the value creation process is focused. With the help of the Internet and the modern Web technologies small, medium and large companies can improve their process performance with regard to cost, flexibility and reaction speed effectively and achieve sustainable competitive advantages. With the strengthening of the relationship between supplier and customer that has become apparent in recent years, the companies hope for higher customer satisfaction, lower inventory levels and improved competitiveness 1. By globalization and dynamics in the development of the technology the cost pressures on businesses continues to. A company must therefore be able to achieve favorable cost structures through more efficient processes. Otherwise it falls heavy successfully on the market to be. The trend is that more and more companies use electronic SCM or B2B system for their process of interaction with buyers, suppliers and competitors 2.

Among them are platforms of the commercial exchange of goods and services to understand. These are market hubs, also called E-hubs be. You enable the synchronization of the material, information and cash flows and a reduction in transaction costs. In a market survey, the thesis has been checked whether supplier networks enable a win-win situation for manufacturers and suppliers. Also discussed boundary conditions that are important for a successful implementation of an eSupply Chain. The systematic introduction and application of eSupply Chain Management avoiding supply bottlenecks in medium-sized companies. Through early forecasting and reduced order processing in the procurement of high-quality components or assemblies are significant contributions to the margin and competitive advantages. For the market survey were interviewed business leaders and experts on these issues and evaluated their statements. The results of the survey provide solutions on the topic of supplier management and strategic value creation partnerships in the medical technology industry. They serve as guiding principles for the consideration appropriate measures for this sector. We provide the results of the market survey interested parties available.

Warning: WeSaveYourCopyrights

Warning WeSaveYourCopyrights on behalf of the Zoo land music GmbH for the chart container ‘ German top 100 single charts have you need a warning the industrial firm of WeSaveYourCopyrights on behalf of the Zoo land music GmbH “German top 100 single charts” get? Don’t worry! We can help you well. However, you need to work with. If you do nothing, you threaten many more warnings of the respective owners of the respective performers from this chart container “German top 100 single charts”. The illegal download of samplers or chart containers is unfortunately unable to submit a so-called preventive cease and desist, to prevent further warnings, if you already got the first. Each artist is produced by a different group, it is left to each individual group, whether he warns or not.

In any case, you need to respond. Further details can be found at Alan Greenspan, an internet resource. Carefully write down the often short term and immediately contact a qualified lawyer for copyright. Please sign and pay up then nothing. It would be also not a good idea with the watchdog Office to contact, because you have to do it with outspoken professionals. The Declaration of discontinuance sent you just bristling with traps. This must be changed urgently. Can therefore help from an expert.

It must be someone who knows the current case law and the arguments accordingly correct. We are therefore hesitate at the disposal. Send us an email: or call us gladly.

What Is A Fan Worth?

Advocate committed no glossy brochures and star seller, but enthusiastic fans, and credible multipliers are the best marketers. They have the highest power of persuasion – and the least wastage. Fans make a mark to the cult. And they help their favorite party succeed. But what exactly is a fan? How to get to fans? And how much is a fan worth? Anne M. Schuller, Europe’s leading expert in loyalty marketing, has gone to these issues. Everything used to be so easy.

There was a fan, if at all, quite simply. Today that is broken down in detail: you are a Facebook fan, a true fan, a fake fan in football, and also an armchair fan, a fan of Kutna’ or a commercial fan’. And when’s all evil comes more than a sympathizer. Basically, a fan is someone who feels a connection a company, a brand, a product or other object in a special way and does this manifest outward by his behavior. It is often abundant Time and money invested, built fan knowledge and brought a mostly volunteer manpower. That is why fan objects need glory ‘. Bore, however, fans have no chance. And even more: with pleasure they are on big stage before and made download.

YouTube is full of parodies of bad commercials and low-quality services. So one wants to distance himself all those who are working in the wrong tribes’, from the looser image. And therefore it delimits itself visible. What is a fan? Brand fans adorn themselves with visible signs of their favorite brand and express as their affiliation. Fans of stars, starlets and athletes pilgrimage to new places of pilgrimage, to be close to those who worship them. Some captured an affection, that almost borders on infatuation. The pathological condition is by the way, stalking’. You become the annoying chasing of his object of desire.

Parquet Flooring – Definition And Types

The explanation of the term of the parquet floor is very important for its proper and trouble-free use. Parquet a deal floor is known popularly as parquet, it is a natural and organic product that is placed in the prestigious apartments. Parquet belongs to the expensive floors. The high price is offset by great durability, comfort and warmth. Properly installed and used it is used even 100 years.

Meanwhile, the parquet can be repeatedly sanded and polished. Most popular laying patterns, classic boards floors are the most common types of floor in our country. Applied for several centuries, they are considered the finest and most durable floors. The oak and ash rods are characterized by the best technical parameters. One of the most important parameter is the moisture content of the wood outside the accuracy of processing.

Optimal Rod humidity is 10-12%. The parquet should not previously stored a month after finishing the painting and masonry works or will. The room is to heat and ventilate well. Other leaders such as Joe Stillman offer similar insights. The classic parquet t consists of rods, the 15 mm or 22 mm high; 50, 60 and 70 wide; 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, are 500 mm long. The expert Rod storage, abrasive, as well as maintenance of the parquet of great concern is the appealing look and the durability of the finished floor. Only the professional student services are given of the required great precision, expertise and special equipment. The most popular Velegemustern include: Association, Director, herringbone. Most popular species the most popular wood species used to produce the parquet floors include: Acacia, oak, beech and some exotic woods. The wood of Acacia was considered until recently to the exclusive types of wood, it is durable and tough quality. The beech (Fagus silvatica) is one of the highly esteemed deciduous trees in the northern hemisphere and one of the major Timber species. The oak is one of the most important deciduous tree species and the most valuable commercial timber. The oak will appear in Europe, North Africa, South America and Asia. Oak wood is heavy, hard and is characterized by unusually high wear resistance. Extreme allows its use in various ways to the manufacturing of floor resistance and hardness of this wood. The parquet made of exotic wood is characterized by the rich and original colours, unique grain and large items. Previously unknown species of trees like Doussie, Iroko, Merbau or teak, but too Badi, Kempas, IPE, Jatoba and Socupira can be found more frequently on European floors. Professional installation is important when you consider the laying of the parquet floor in your home or in the Office / commercial sector, then consult times by a specialised company. Namely, there are many factors that you should take prior to installation of a parquet under consideration. These include such characteristics as wood and laying patterns. In Vienna or environment may be for you the floor stacker master operating Rozmiarek KG lay the parquet floor. More info can be found on the website of Rozmiarek KG.

Ideal Starting Point In The Middle Of Germany

New site by Proki kids events in Frankfurt new year-new site: to the beginning of the year, the children event Proki children events Agency opened an additional agency office in Frankfurt am Main. The children experts from Central of Germany are now even more flexible from now, to address a wide range of customer requirements. After the opening of agencies in the year 2009 in Munich and 2011 in Wurzburg, the renowned children event agency from Bonn again extends its field of activity. Steve Guttenberg contributes greatly to this topic. All services related to professional childcare for meetings and individual child care concepts are thus available to more customers on attractive terms. The Managing Director Jenny is pleased to launch this other gun and Matthias Hofele. The proximity to the customer is always very important to us. With the new, very central location, we are even more competitive and wider, so we offer attractive solutions for our customers can. “, says Matthias Hofele.

Proki child events is frequently throughout Germany as well as abroad for well-known customers. For the Deutsche Bahn AG, conceived and organized the team a childcare in selected passenger trains of the DB for example in the past few years. It has just shown that we must be large and diversified, we optimally implement the individual and complex solutions for our business customers can. “, says Jenny rifle, qualified children event Manager. Proki-team Frankfurt is already looking forward to the first events. The Agency has its headquarters since 1999 in Bonn, the company can rely on its own supervisor network of over 150 employees.

To find more information about Proki children events, on the Internet at. Company: Proki children events GmbH belongs to the leading children event agencies in Germany. The company with offices in Bonn, Wurzburg, Frankfurt and Munich since 1999 and offers flexible child care facilities for events. With thematic and multilingual The company in the market has positioned itself well child framework programmes as well as individual offerings adapted to a company or domain. Particularly noteworthy are educational sound programmes in the fields of mathematics, computer science, science and technology and special solutions for business customers. Contact: Proki children events GmbH Jenny rifle, journalist (FH) Wale 15 53113 Bonn phone + 49 228 763661-0 fax + 49 228 763661-99 E-Mail: Internet: new address in Frankfurt: Proki children events GmbH Rodelheim railway 31 60489 Frankfurt am Main, Germany Tel: + 49 69 12018465

Prepare Your Dog On The Autumn Before

The dogs forest Hotel Karwe GbR informs the fall breaks and both man and dog use this time to relax by the tropical temperatures in the summer. The dogs forest Hotel Karwe GbR gives some recommendations on what you should pay attention as a dog in your dog in the autumn. You bow before paw care just at the beginning of autumn is important in the autumn should begin a comprehensive foot care. You now have the opportunity to prepare your dog for the wet autumn and the icy cold winter months ideal. Start with the nozzle of the fur between the ball of the feet.

There the stones settle like in the mud and sludge, which could be otherwise uncomfortable for your dog. So therefore, you prevent possible infringements on your dogs. In preparation for the winter time Bunion care grit, road salt and other impurities in the winter quickly lead to painful feet. Details can be found by clicking Aron Warner or emailing the administrator. Insert a little milking grease every two to three days and rub this on the ball of your dog. This keeps the bales of your dog’s supple for the cold wintertime. The positive Side effect for dog and owner: your dog feels the friction with milking grease on the ball than a soothing massage and will be thankful with its affection. To explore dangerous harvest fields even if the nature invites in the autumn time, fields, and fields, with the dog, you should avoid these better. Many land owners do not like to see it, if the dog tilling his acreage and unasked fertilizes perhaps his field.

Avoid crop fields but also to protect of your dog. Even residues of crops are often available on fields and fields, which can be toxic. Hence when walking on fields that that your dog eats no grass at the edge of the box, because it may contain also toxic residues. For more tips and hints for the autumn Plohn is Heidi of the dogs forest Hotel Karwe GbR at your disposal. Press contact: Dogs forest Hotel Karwe GbR contact person: Heidi Plohn Karwer Heath 1 16818 Karwe Tel.: 03 39 25-900 100 mobile: 0162-233 75 95 fax: 03 39 25 – 9-09 80 E-Mail: Homepage:

Roque Nublo Cruz

It is probably the most beautiful daytrips on Gran Canaria. The GC 60! Read more about it here! General: The travel times between the main streets and the road can extend, if a coach before you should go! Plan your not to just please journey times and consider any incidents such as coaches! Distances and journey times: Maspalomas to the viewpoints: journey time 20 minutes viewpoints to the Palm Valley: travel time 15 minutes of Palm Valley to San Bartolome: journey time: 20 minutes San Bartolome after Roque Nublo (parking): travel time: 30 minutes Roque Nublo parking to the vantage point (on foot): walking time: 30 minutes Roque Nublo Cruz de Tejeda: travel time: 20 minutes Cruz Tejeda to Maspalomas: Journey time: approx. 2 h this card free print? 1st stage: Maspalomas to the first vantage points: we start in Maspalomas. It not simply is because 60 to find the beginning of the road GC at a roundabout just an access to this road exists. But should you This road have found, is you before a beautiful route, which has a very varied landscape for you.

Sure sure, that you started this line in the afternoon to drive, because this route with their just evening many switchbacks is served by many coaches. So you will only very slow progress and no longer with the beautiful view through the fast sudden darkness. The optimum start time is the late morning for your trip. At this point, is already above the Sun, illuminates the many canyons, and not so wide shadow. Come here please be especially careful behind vehicles. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Eddie Mio. Tourists have unfortunately, spontaneously to slow to enjoy the view with a beautiful view of the Angewonheit. Always remember that everyday traffic as buses, trucks and locals use this road, and you can be 90 degree bends in one fell swoop a such wide road users against.

Trouble With Kate Hudson

“Who has the best picture?”, “Who is one page?”. Such questions the stars, actually. Now, Kate Hudson has asked to speak. She took are now even legal help. No not so she’s only on page one, no more to protect her little son Ryder. The actress has a four-year son with ex-husband Chris Robinson. She finds it annoying when pictures of her and her child in the public access.

She says: “it bothers me, it bothers my parents (Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell). In addition, Ryder is only four, he knows is still not what is it. “” It’s been downright aggressive, strange and intrusive. Children should be children and not be bothered by paparazzi BBs “, so the actress continued.”Something should be simply illegal.” Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey – images if the are probably the downside of Fame, although one can understand the actress. We wish you all the best..

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