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The Marketing staff for entrepreneurs you’re talking about your own brand, times have changed and displayed to the world also, on the internet the only sure way of success for companies or individuals who have decided to have a presence On Line, is creating a solid and well-structured Branding. You must apply the principles of marketing people what have Google, MacDonalds or Ferrari in common? Each one is a brand succeeds, because he knows to differentiate themselves in the market. Did you ever thought that your must also become a brand, find a specific market niche and from there to consolidate the foundations of your business? There are many faces that consciously or unconsciously created an overwhelming Personal branding, people like Madonna, Donald Trump or Oprah Winfrey, all these and many more, have been successful in what have been proposed. They are able to sell any product that bears his name, from a magazine (Oprah), to a movie, concert and millions of disks (Madonna) or even give cache to a building or a Fillet (Trump). How they did it? His great secret is be themselves, authentic and stand out from the rest. Apply marketing principles to your own person and create your Personal brand, this is the same principle used in what we know today as attraction Marketing and it empowers people to to publicize and generate influence.

And how to build the brand of a person? Branding Personal is positioning, not sale. He is achieved becoming a professional reference, that has the attributes required to occupy a prominent place in the minds of others. The concept of Branding Personal goes far beyond that the show a good image and have knowledge, is also using the right strategy to present your product (in this case yourself), your market you looking for what you offer, because you’re useful (product), but you choose because you are reliable and attractive (brand) the presence physics, along with the virtual social networksis only part of what your supporters come, there are several points that they are key and to give value and weight to your Personal brand, which are: La formation the education capacity to socialize the response timely the self-knowledge the skills and abilities the internet and social networks provide us a new option to manage our careers and business On Line, depending on the personal in this growing position tendenciadel Personal Brandingwhich allows the creation of the brand of oneself, as a strategy to advance in a panorama of high labour competitiveness.

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